References (Brothers Lost!)

Since I started getting commissions of my stories, I’ve been slowly compiling a bunch of references to use for these commissions. This new post will cover Sam and Dean both from Brothers Lost:


Before the curse, Dean made Sam a knife for protection. What he rarely mentions in Brothers Apart, at least up until he starts carrying the knife with him in The Schism of Fire and Water, is that he made a knife for himself. So both brothers in Brothers Lost are ready to fight to defend themselves, and they mean business. Don’t let their size deceive you.


Climbing is an essential skill for survival for both of these brothers, and they took advantage of Dean’s budding ability to search out what he needs to find these two. Sam’s was in an obvious area of the room (for them), dropped right in the closet. Dean found his own single prong hook mixed in with miscellaneous trash the fisherman left behind in his room. Without Dean’s knack, they would have overlooked the little silver glint in their hurry to leave when a maid arrived.


Walt made each brother their own bag out of leather. While Sam accepted the bag he was given without issue, Walt ended up making Dean a duffel bag just like he’d had as a kid, before the curse.

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