Inktober 15 2017 Paybacks A Bitch


Inktober 15th 2017   I almost never do comics so this is a learning experience for me! what do ya think?

Part one:

Part two:

Part three: right here :}

Another night that Bowman spent at the motel sleepover:

Inktober 15 2017 Paybacks A Bitch

References (Brothers Lost!)

Since I started getting commissions of my stories, I’ve been slowly compiling a bunch of references to use for these commissions. This new post will cover Sam and Dean both from Brothers Lost:


Before the curse, Dean made Sam a knife for protection. What he rarely mentions in Brothers Apart, at least up until he starts carrying the knife with him in The Schism of Fire and Water, is that he made a knife for himself. So both brothers in Brothers Lost are ready to fight to defend themselves, and they mean business. Don’t let their size deceive you.


Climbing is an essential skill for survival for both of these brothers, and they took advantage of Dean’s budding ability to search out what he needs to find these two. Sam’s was in an obvious area of the room (for them), dropped right in the closet. Dean found his own single prong hook mixed in with miscellaneous trash the fisherman left behind in his room. Without Dean’s knack, they would have overlooked the little silver glint in their hurry to leave when a maid arrived.


Walt made each brother their own bag out of leather. While Sam accepted the bag he was given without issue, Walt ended up making Dean a duffel bag just like he’d had as a kid, before the curse.

Sneak Peek!

Excerpt from Adventures at Bobby’s, arriving officially on October 30th

Heaving a sigh, Dean trudged back up the stairs to the house, intending to find Sam and let him know the good news. They might even be able to head off on the search for their next case as soon as tomorrow. There was a definite bounce in his step at that thought as he came into the kitchen.

“Sam!” Dean called out. He took a few steps in, spotting Bobby at the table buried under research for other hunters. “You seen Sam?”

Bobby frowned up at him as he finished paging through his latest tome. “Last I saw, him an’ Rumsfeld headed out to see you,” Bobby stated pointedly.

Dean felt a bit of worry start to trickle at the back of his mind. They’d come to see him? He’d never even seen Sam outside. “When was that?”

“ ‘Bout an hour ago,” Bobby said. He had to cut himself off as he grabbed a phone, switching to his FBI persona. “Willis, FBI…”

Dean left him on his own, going to search the house. Sam couldn’t have gone far. Neither of them had been outside when he’d finished up, so they must have gone back in with Dean unresponsive. He shook his head ruefully. Had he really been that intent on the car?

The worry started to blossom into an all out fear as his search of the house turned up nothing. “Sam!” he called out, pounding from room to room in one last sweep. There was no way Sam would miss his stomping around up there. There was still no response from brother or dog.

Dean practically flew past Bobby, who was still on the phone arguing with the local authority of some town or the other. He stumbled down the steps, glancing around the yard with a bit of panic starting to show in his expression.

“Sam!” he called out, practically praying at this point to see the dog perk his head up, Sam snickering nearby at Dean’s disquiet.

But there was nothing.

Dean expanded his search. He weaved his way around all of the junked cars that were piled up in the area. All he could see was the dangers out there for Sam. A car could shift position and crush the small hunter and he’d never find him… a hawk could dive down… raccoons could slip in from the fields…


I’m doing good, but I’m worried about Dean. He’s taking this case pretty hard, especially the fact that I’m the only one that can take Ilyana on. I know he just wants to protect me, but he needs to realize that sometimes I don’t need protecting. I need my big brother’s support.

I don’t want to do this alone.

I’m here!

Just wanted to let y’all know, I’m still here. I got back from the convention on Monday, and had a wonderful time. I’ve been working on a few extensive side projects that I have slated for next year, and recovering from the convention. Oh, and watching all of season 10 to prepare for the premier of season 11 next week.

In that thought, I’m reopening asks, but not prompts. I currently have many prompts saved up, but only a little time to work on them. So, any prompts that are received until they are officially reopened, will be ignored. Thanks for everyone’s support!


Since I started getting commissions of my stories, I’ve been slowly compiling a bunch of references to use for these commissions. Here’s a list of the items Sam uses in his life:

Don’t underestimate Sam or his knife. He might be small, but that’s still a nasty-ass blade to deal with. And now he’s learning how to use it best.

Sam’s hook for his fish line. This is what he uses to get around the motel rooms with, and having three (nasty) sides makes it easier to catch. If he ever needs too, he can use it as a weapon just like the knife.

Sam’s satchel is actual leather, so his will stand up to wear more than this one. But the pockets are in the right places and it has two leather straps to hold it in place.

Poor Sam. He’ll have to find a way to let Dean know it’s him. Maybe he can get some of his pencil lead out of the desk and scratch out a message for Dean. It won’t be easy, but mice are crafty little guys. Sam can manage it. Dean will never let him live it down, that’s for sure. And for the next few days he’s got a mouse in his pocket, keeping Sammy safe.

I have a feeling, if cats can pull off a bitchface, that’s what Dean will be getting for that picture. Super teeny kitty, though! So cute, and it’s probably a good thing he only has itty bitty claws. Dean will probably be driving him nuts before they manage to get him back to normal.

Askbox Closing!

Due to the fact that I will be attending the NJ convention next week to get a picture with the Winchester bros, a hug from Jensen, and a whole lot of fun and inspiration, the Askbox for prompts and asks will be closed as of tomorrow, Saturday the 19th. So if you have anything you want to put in for an ask or a prompt, do it now!

There’s much to do to get ready so I won’t be able to attend my pages quite as religiously as I ordinarily do, and there’s only the one of me, so I’ll have to shut down the temptation.

I plan on working through the prompts that I have waiting in the wings and doing as many as I can. Some might take longer than others, and I’m not sure if I have ideas for all of them yet.

Submissions remain open, so if anyone gets an idea for a story of their own, a picture, a manip or anything they want to submit to the blog, feel free to do so!

Love you all! Askbox will reopen after the con!