Askbox Closing!

Due to the fact that I will be attending the NJ convention next week to get a picture with the Winchester bros, a hug from Jensen, and a whole lot of fun and inspiration, the Askbox for prompts and asks will be closed as of tomorrow, Saturday the 19th. So if you have anything you want to put in for an ask or a prompt, do it now!

There’s much to do to get ready so I won’t be able to attend my pages quite as religiously as I ordinarily do, and there’s only the one of me, so I’ll have to shut down the temptation.

I plan on working through the prompts that I have waiting in the wings and doing as many as I can. Some might take longer than others, and I’m not sure if I have ideas for all of them yet.

Submissions remain open, so if anyone gets an idea for a story of their own, a picture, a manip or anything they want to submit to the blog, feel free to do so!

Love you all! Askbox will reopen after the con!

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