May 16th excerpt:

Jacob got into the huge, shining black 1967 Impala parked at the curb, settling onto the bench seat with a sigh. The key was in the ignition before he glanced down at his pocket with a grin. “Back on the road again,” he announced, before turning the key with a roar of the engine.

The flap of the pocket shifted, and Sam was the first one out. Normally, the brothers would already be on Jacob’s shoulder, or hiding in a hoodie to keep out of sight from Mariana. There was no way to know her reaction to finding out that tiny people were real, and with Mike being a cop, the brothers chose to avoid any situations that might result in discovery. He seemed like a nice enough man, but if the police discovered littles, people everywhere could be put in danger.

“Shotgun!” Sam shouted, off like a shot. Dean was left behind in the dust, and Sam used the thick threads of Jacob’s shirt to climb his way over to the right shoulder.

Dean hauled himself up, nowhere near as fast. “Dammit,” he huffed. “That’s my spot.”

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