June 7th excerpt:

At the sound of a distant sneeze, Dean sat bolt upright. “Sam, did you hear that?” he called, his voice only just loud enough to carry to his brother.

“Hear what?”

Dean pulled himself to his feet. “I coulda sworn…” He paced out of their divided room, going straight to the sealed-off door to push aside the wooden block. “Wait here, just in case.” He ignored Sam’s protest as he left their sanctuary behind.

June 6th excerpt:

Dean made a beeline for the pie. “You can have all the fries you want. This pie is mine.

Sam grinned as he started to piece together a mimic of Jacob’s chicken sandwich, trying to get all of the vegetables down to a reasonable size. “It’s not like you can even finish that slice of pie,” he pointed out dryly.

“Hey!” Dean sent him an offended glare as he leaned over and sliced off the end of the pie. It was carefully balanced on the tip of his knife. “One day I’ll finish an entire pie without anyone’s help, and you’ll be wishin’ you had your own.”

June 5th excerpt:

The distant sound of breathing came to Sam, heavy enough for a human, but there was no sense that they were up. “We’re clear,” he said quietly. “But the room ain’t. Someone’s in there.”

Dean nodded. “Just like old times, right?”

Sam grinned back. “It’s been a while since we raided a room like this.”

June 4th excerpt:

“Okay,” Jacob spoke softly, already adopting a mindset towards being as quiet as he could. “What should the plan be once they point out the right trailer?” he asked, glancing in the mirror to meet Sam’s gaze before looking down at his pocket. He brushed his fingertips just barely over the small form slumped within. “Got a plan?”

Lulled to a half-sleep inside the pocket interior, Dean gave a slight jolt when huge fingers brushed against his side. The voice rumbled overhead, reminding him where he was just then. Not at home, safely hidden away in the walls. Their friend was lost and in trouble, and they needed to find him.

With wobbly knees, Dean stood with one hand against each side of the pocket to stay standing. The thick threads made it easy to hang on and hold himself up, and he shoved the pocket flap out of his way to see where they were.

June 3rd excerpt:

The unexpected voice cut directly through the thunderstorm in Dean’s dreams. It drove him awake rapidly, the instincts of a hunter combining with the instincts he’d gained after so many years living cursed.

So he startled awake.

Dean sat bolt upright, pushing himself away from the intruders on the table.

June 2nd excerpt:

Sam grabbed onto Dean’s wrist. “It’s not working, is it?” he demanded in a hush out of habit. When Dean didn’t respond, he yanked the hand away. His eyes blew wide. “Dean!”

Dean’s brow was furrowed in pain instead of concentration, and a trail of blood ran down his face from his nose. Sam grabbed onto his shoulders and shook him to break his concentration.

Blinking his eyes open, Dean groaned, slumping into Sam’s arms. Both brothers fell to their knees in Jacob’s hand when Dean sent them both off balance. “If you think it’s so easy, you do it! I don’t see a handbook lying around that’s all about how our Wonder Twin powers activate!”

June 1st excerpt:

“Jacob, you need to get back to that room as fast as you can,” all spilled out of Sam’s mouth the second he started talking, like a dam bursting. “There’s two guys that went in there and they grabbed the others and we think they’re leaving but we don’t know because we couldn’t go after them we’re too small.”

May 31st excerpt:

Realizing what Sam intended to do, Dean reacted instantly. He grabbed Sam’s shoulder, hauling him back before he could dart back into the open to try and save their friend.

Dean slammed Sam against the side of the cavernous walls they were hiding in and covered up his mouth with a hand.

“Not a word,” Dean hissed, his voice as low as it could go. “We go out there, we’re as good as captured. We can’t help him.”

May 30th excerpt:

Dean froze when he heard a scuff, then a distant door creaking open. “Jacob wouldn’t come up here unless it was an emergency,” he said knowingly, a dark tone in his voice. The sound of someone saying Dude! drifted to the tiny people in the room, and it wasn’t Jacob’s voice.

May 29th excerpt:

Sam shook his head, latching onto the question to distract himself from the vast expanse around them. Normally, if they were to spend any time away from the walls or cover, Jacob would be around. Even then, they only did it in extreme circumstances.

Out in the open was danger.

Even with Jade’s confidence, the hairs on the back of Sam’s neck rose with nerves, and he knew Dean was feeling the same, based on the way Dean’s shoulders bunched up slightly. Sam gratefully focused on what he knew of spirits. “Mostly, the spirits that stick around in our world are here for a reason. Something that holds them back, or if they refuse to move on. They lash out, a lot of times continuing the same patterns they used to follow in life. Plus, most of the vengeful spirits we’ve heard of from the books or our dad work alone. So we don’t have much experience with multiple spirits together.”