May 29th excerpt:

Sam shook his head, latching onto the question to distract himself from the vast expanse around them. Normally, if they were to spend any time away from the walls or cover, Jacob would be around. Even then, they only did it in extreme circumstances.

Out in the open was danger.

Even with Jade’s confidence, the hairs on the back of Sam’s neck rose with nerves, and he knew Dean was feeling the same, based on the way Dean’s shoulders bunched up slightly. Sam gratefully focused on what he knew of spirits. “Mostly, the spirits that stick around in our world are here for a reason. Something that holds them back, or if they refuse to move on. They lash out, a lot of times continuing the same patterns they used to follow in life. Plus, most of the vengeful spirits we’ve heard of from the books or our dad work alone. So we don’t have much experience with multiple spirits together.”

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