June 4th excerpt:

“Okay,” Jacob spoke softly, already adopting a mindset towards being as quiet as he could. “What should the plan be once they point out the right trailer?” he asked, glancing in the mirror to meet Sam’s gaze before looking down at his pocket. He brushed his fingertips just barely over the small form slumped within. “Got a plan?”

Lulled to a half-sleep inside the pocket interior, Dean gave a slight jolt when huge fingers brushed against his side. The voice rumbled overhead, reminding him where he was just then. Not at home, safely hidden away in the walls. Their friend was lost and in trouble, and they needed to find him.

With wobbly knees, Dean stood with one hand against each side of the pocket to stay standing. The thick threads made it easy to hang on and hold himself up, and he shoved the pocket flap out of his way to see where they were.

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