au where dean died hunting by himself and sam inherits the impala except it’s the anchor to dean’s ghost and sam can’t make himself burn the thing down so he’s stuck with his jerk ghost of a brother

and sam keeps getting older and dean stays 26 and stays 26 and then one day sam looks up and is like “dude. I’m OLDER than you now”

and dean’s like “whatever old man I’m still the hot one” but sam is like wow, wow, dean, I AM THE OLDER BROTHER

and dean is like YOU ARE NOT, TAKE THAT BACK, and he’s joking (or at least sam thinks he meant to be joking) but four years is a long time for a ghost and the words make the impala jump and twitch under sam’s hands like they’re about to send him off the road

and sam slams on the brakes and dean is like shit sorry sorry sorry sam I’m sorry I didn’t mean it sammy

sam pulls over and it’s just to clear his head, it’s just to avoid being a road hazard, but the doors lock when he reaches for the handle

dean hasn’t done this before

and part of sam is worried about his brother but more than he’d like is thinking salt gun in the back of my jeans and god this would be easier if dean would stop flickering like that because now his face looks wrong and not like sam remembers

but dean pulls himself together and apologizes some more and sam is like “it’s okay, dean” and “I’m not gonna leave you”

and doesn’t bring up how the doors are still locked.

This broke my heart and I just had to write a story for it!

Don’t You Cry No More

It’s been a few weeks since I cried while writing, I guess I was due for a good one.


All inspiration from @scrapedknees and @callowyn

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