For me, my answer will always be angst. I love it, I love the emotions it brings out, I jump into writing it with careless glee. Fluff is so much harder for me, though the angstier the angst, the fluffier the fluff will get. But angst… there are times when I can go on forever. I figure if I can my myself feel all these feelings while I write (cold and heartless as I am), it’ll work on everyone else when they read it.


I think I’m a little more evenly split. It depends on what mood takes me, but I like either fluff or angst, and I agree with the above. The fluffier the fluff, the angstier the angst can be. Honestly we have both hit each other hard with feels on either side of the spectrum as we muse about story ideas. But the angsty ones always come back and linger with us, I think.



Mallory commissioned from the wonderful aibyou

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