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This is just a stupid question but will anything Hunger Gamey happen. The idea just popped into my mind and I thought why not just ask.

Lol! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a question along these lines.

The stories will never crossover with The Hunger Games. Though I did enjoy the books quite a lot and have seen the movies a few times, it’s not my style of story.

If you mean along the lines of games or kids going after each other the way the special children did in Supernatural season 2, then most likely not.

Though Gabriel enjoys a game or two, even he would be taken aback by just how vicious the games turned out to be. Games are meant to be lessons! Sure a few people might die here and there, but setting them against each other just so the people in charge can get a laugh??

The trickster prefers to go after the high and mighty, so it’s more likely the people of the Capitol would have problems with him.

As for the special children, in BA they’re replaced by the cursed children and borrowers, each with their own special knacks (Andy must be out there somewhere! The awesome psychic!). Celeste’s goal differs from Azazel, and she’s after making stronger vessels, not just one strong vessel. Killing off the cursed would make no sense to her when instead she can channel their strength instead.

I hope this helps!

Wait how can Jacob lift 40x his body weight when he is only around 1/20 th of his original weight/height? Please check my math but wouldn’t this mean he would be able to lift a human easily?

Actually, only his height is a 20th of his original size. Thanks to the square-cube law, his weight is much, much less. 

@torchmlp was nice enough to do the math out for us, and they were curious about cursed Jacob’s strength compared to his weight, so they did the formulas out.

We know now that Jacob weighs about as much as three crayons, and 40x his weight is equal to the vase he was lifting. Dean, of course, can lift this vase in one hand and trap Jacob in a fist without the kid’s knack doing him a bit of good. 

If we took cursed Sam, cursed Dean and cursed Jacob, the difference in their strength would be that together, Sam and Dean at a regular height would be able to pick up the Impala and walk away with it, while Jacob by himself could do the same with even less effort. Just one kid. Walking away with that car (put it back!).

I feel bad for any tiny Jacob running into a full-sized Sam and Dean, especially if they know nothing of smols just yet. That poor, poor kid. Getting questioned to find out where he’s from and why he’s like that, running tests to see if he’s possessed or a fae… he’ll have a hard time altogether. 

Imagine his increasing confusion as these guys throw salt at him, then holy water, and then boop him with iron and silver. What exactly could these humans have planned? The little guys always hear these scary stories about cages and poison and stuff like that. Iron and salt, though, that’s new territory. What great luck to be caught by crazy people.

July 22nd excerpt:

“Some days I wonder if it’s worth the effort to curse you like little Sammy here. You’d get none of the benefits, but then… you’re just a thorn in my side to begin with. A tiny, insignificant thorn.”

Part of Dean turned to stone at the implied threat, the other part… “You said it only works on children,” he said flatly.

“Oh, I say… a lot of things,” she said teasingly, turning her back on him and dismissing him as a threat. She walked back towards the table.

The way the curse itself works on the cursed children actually heightens their immune systems along with making them far stronger than an average human.

It’s extremely hard to get them sick with a common cold or the flu or even regular viruses. Not impossible, but as close to it as they can get. Their bodies fight off the infections long before they notice.

Getting drunk is far easier, and their own damn fault if they do it (smol Dean could use some lessons in portion control when it comes to drinking).

Of course, living most of their lives without getting common illnesses also leaves them incredibly unprepared if someone does get sick, the way Sam had no idea how to tend his older brother when Dean made the mistake of drinking until he got the worst hangover.

They’re much better at this now with some schooling from Jacob.

It has not been revealed yet 😉

In fact, Sean’s knack is heavily touched upon in an upcoming story in the Brothers Apart series, and will be revealed then. We will learn a lot more about the littles of Trails West, and their resident cursed human when trouble comes knocking at their door.

For the first part of the question, the Jacob that appears in the extra-smol Jake story is not actually a cursed child. He is the Jacob from Brothers Found, and so has no knack.

For the second part, smol is the evolution of small that has occured over the internet, and you can find an in-depth explanation of the word here! I was fascinated when I found that post.

They’d be intrigued, but also very wary!

If Sam ran into the smaller brother first, they’d both be so confused by finding another person their size around. Then if the taller brother comes in, Dean might try his best to get between the little guys and the other kid, resulting in two humans bristling at each other while Sam and the little guy realized what was really going on.

“Hey, you know him?”

Confusion ensues while Sam talks Dean down from his overprotective side.

Celeste very rarely gives away her secrets, and often uses the promise of knowledge like that to taunt her victims. Sam still only has vague notions of why he himself was cursed, so it can be assumed she won’t be letting us in on that secret for a good long while.

So far the only knowledge we have of her in Brothers Adopted is her brief appearance in the short story Ice Cream.

More of Jacob’s past will be revealed in First Hunt, so stay tuned!

In fact he does! Just like Sam, Dean and Jacob, the moment he was cursed a part of his mind was unlocked by that same curse! This will be a theme that is touched upon heavily in the as of yet, unnamed twelfth installment of Brothers Apart (the story I am currently agonizing over), and Sean’s ability will be revealed.