Hunger Games

anonymous asked:

This is just a stupid question but will anything Hunger Gamey happen. The idea just popped into my mind and I thought why not just ask.

Lol! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a question along these lines.

The stories will never crossover with The Hunger Games. Though I did enjoy the books quite a lot and have seen the movies a few times, it’s not my style of story.

If you mean along the lines of games or kids going after each other the way the special children did in Supernatural season 2, then most likely not.

Though Gabriel enjoys a game or two, even he would be taken aback by just how vicious the games turned out to be. Games are meant to be lessons! Sure a few people might die here and there, but setting them against each other just so the people in charge can get a laugh??

The trickster prefers to go after the high and mighty, so it’s more likely the people of the Capitol would have problems with him.

As for the special children, in BA they’re replaced by the cursed children and borrowers, each with their own special knacks (Andy must be out there somewhere! The awesome psychic!). Celeste’s goal differs from Azazel, and she’s after making stronger vessels, not just one strong vessel. Killing off the cursed would make no sense to her when instead she can channel their strength instead.

I hope this helps!

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