Timelines and Kevin Tran

anonymous  asked:

Will the brothers ever find the bunker? And would Kevin Tran show up in a story?

Well, in Brothers Apart, most likely not.

The stories are based on the first five season of Supernatural, and the majority of it is before the apocalypse ever happened (first three seasons). We are just now venturing into the fourth and fifth season setup, because the angels have made themselves known because of their rogue fallen sister causing #problems.

We have considered a few stories that will have the bunker in them, but they aren’t Brothers Apart based stories, strictly g/t ideas that use the Supernatural themes and stories.

Kevin Tran hasn’t been considered yet, since he’s connected to actions that occur after the apocalypse is long over.

One decision I did make, when Brothers Consulted was in progress, was that the British Men of Letters will not exist in the Sherlock universes. The BMoL take away too much of the Supernatural allure of London, making it a land sterilized of monsters and run by psychopaths a boring crew obsessed with doing things ‘their’ way.

What is it about London and psychopaths

Of course, when Brothers Apart wraps up, I may decide to do single stories from their future, whatever may happen to Sam and the other cursed borrowers in the end. It’s something I won’t decide until this is totally wrapped up and complete. 

I want Brothers Apart to have the ending it deserves, one way or the other.

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