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This is just a stupid question but will anything Hunger Gamey happen. The idea just popped into my mind and I thought why not just ask.

Lol! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a question along these lines.

The stories will never crossover with The Hunger Games. Though I did enjoy the books quite a lot and have seen the movies a few times, it’s not my style of story.

If you mean along the lines of games or kids going after each other the way the special children did in Supernatural season 2, then most likely not.

Though Gabriel enjoys a game or two, even he would be taken aback by just how vicious the games turned out to be. Games are meant to be lessons! Sure a few people might die here and there, but setting them against each other just so the people in charge can get a laugh??

The trickster prefers to go after the high and mighty, so it’s more likely the people of the Capitol would have problems with him.

As for the special children, in BA they’re replaced by the cursed children and borrowers, each with their own special knacks (Andy must be out there somewhere! The awesome psychic!). Celeste’s goal differs from Azazel, and she’s after making stronger vessels, not just one strong vessel. Killing off the cursed would make no sense to her when instead she can channel their strength instead.

I hope this helps!

Brothers Consulted Beginnings

(A collection of pre-series short stories from the Brothers Consulted series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @borrowedtimeandspace

Sam and Dean, attacked and cursed by a witch at the tender ages of 10 and 14, did their best. They escaped, they got away from her clutches. But the first people they go to for help don’t turn out to be on their side, and they find themselves living in London, trying their best to get by under four inches in height.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Moira Wainscot

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When’s the next sneak peek to Brothers Discovered?

Aw, I love this AU!

We’re a little behind schedule for writing it due to rl things, and ended up tackling a bit of a different story for a bit that was easier to write at the time, but we’ll be getting back into it soon, and once we get moving again, we’ll be able to excerpt it.

For now, I’ll leave you with this:

Protectively pulling Sam half into his lap, Dean parted his frozen lips. He hadn’t talked since Sam dropped unconscious over an hour back, and his voice cracked. “P-please,” Dean pleaded. “Don’t take him.”

John’s heart sank to hear the desperation in the absolutely tiny voice. “I’m not going to,” he promised quietly.

He convinced himself to tear his eyes away, glancing up and down the street. It was dead quiet, no one around at this hour. He was alone with two absolutely tiny kids freezing in the snow.

“Where are your parents?” he asked gently, turning back to Dean. “Are they nearby? Did you get separated?”

Sneak Peek

The story continues for the Consulted crew in A Day of Duality!

Sam shifted in place as John stopped, blinking at the world around him. “Somethin’ wrong?” he asked blearily, pulled out of a daydream he’d fallen into during the walk.

Then Sam heard it too. A faint cry in the air, something easily overlooked. His ears pricked up, and he paid close attention to the back of his neck, alert for anyone other than John around the alley. “Sounds like someone’s hurt,” Sam said, glancing around. That didn’t sound like the call of an injured animal, and out in London that was less likely to happen.

“Yeah,” John agreed, stepping gingerly into the alley. For a voice to be that soft, one of two things had to be true. On the one hand, it could be an injured human in the far distance, in which case John would have to be incredibly careful with Sam.

No one would speak of it, but since Sam’s kidnapping all those weeks ago there was an enhanced sense of responsibility between John and Sherlock to protect their friends. There was a much greater risk to anything that ran the chance of Sam or Dean being seen. Other humans were always a wild card, especially strangers.

Then again, on the other hand, the voice could seem distant because the person it belonged to was a borrower, closer to Sam and Dean’s size.

John didn’t know which he dreaded more. Even so, something in him wouldn’t let him turn his back on someone who needed help.

Sam was attentive as John went, his ears tuned to the voice they’d heard on the wind. There was no sense that they were being watched, no feeling of eyes on him, so he frowned, wondering who could have called for help.

“Do you think–” Sam started, then cut himself off.

Down on the ground of the alley, he’d caught sight of motion against the ground. Just a flicker, but there.

Sam might have passed it off as a mouse hiding from John if he hadn’t spotted color.

Nudging John in the neck, Sam motioned at the ground. “Watch it, I think someone’s here.”

COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight (Part 2)


( First part )

Commission for @wolfie180g!

A second part to The Dragon Sleeps Tonight was requested, for the same 1200 words and bringing in dragon Dean’s Sam along with Castiel, shenanigans ensue.

For being a great customer twice now, I tossed in a few more words, bringing this chapter up to 1600, and tried to finish the story, but wow is it hard to write an entire story in 2.4k words. I lack this skill.

The Brothers Apart Sam and Dean are @nightmares06‘s, dragon Dean belongs to @wolfie180g, and the original Sam and Dean Winchester belong to the CW/Erick Kripke!

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: None

Commissions are open!

“How the hell do you misplace a fifty-foot dragon?!

Stalking angrily through the woods, trying to not think about them being lost, it wasn’t until Sam heard a gravelly “Sam…” from behind that he realized he’d spoken his thoughts out loud.

Whirling around, a keen blue-eyed gaze met his frustrated hazels. “Dean will be fine,” Cas said steadily. “He can handle himself alone for an hour. If there was anyone suspicious in the forest, Bobby and Balth would call us.”

Sam took a deep breath. Exhaled. “Dream team, those two,” he muttered, but couldn’t hide a slight smirk. “I just… hate leaving him alone so long.”

“He won’t even know we were gone,” Cas assured, resuming his walk and pushing past Sam to take the lead. “If anyone can handle himself, it’s the full-grown dragon.”

Sam huffed, shifting the bags full of meat in his arms and following behind.

“Besides,” Cas continued, “we’ll all feel better when Dean’s been fed without alerting everyone in the forest that there’s a hungry dragon about.”

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COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight


Commission for @wolfie180g!

This story was requested to be 1200 words, with the BA bros running into dragon Dean with shenanigans ensuing!

The Brothers Apart Sam and Dean are @nightmares06‘s, dragon Dean belongs to @wolfie180g, and the original Sam and Dean Winchester belong to the CW/Erick Kripke!

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: None

Commissions are open!

The peaceful night air rippled with a breeze, bringing with it the faint hoots of an owl. In the distance, a wolf howled as the pack closed in on an injured buck, looking for a way to feed the newborn pups. Leaves wafted in the air, then the breeze changed direction as a huge breath was sucked in.

Dean slept in the forest, his tail twitching in his sleep. The large dragon, over 50 feet of muscle, claws and horns, lay curled in a clearing, one just large enough to keep him hidden from distant viewers. Perhaps if a helicopter was to fly overhead they might spot the tan and freckled form, but the trees were tall and large with full branches to keep him camouflaged.

In his sleep, something pulled at Dean. A lack of a certain scent in the air.

The dragon’s nostrils twitched, searching for the scent of his mate. Dane lay asleep in his mind, leaving Dean alone as he blinked open large green eyes in search of Castiel.

‘Cas?’ he chirped sleepily, having grown used to the small human understanding him when he talked.

A dark figure at the edge of the clearing froze as the dragon lifted up his large head, eyes hardening as he caught the burning tang of silver in the air.

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With #eotm the only remaining title to guess (along with the new excerpts that will be posting), #a:asocs is unlocked for everyone to enjoy!

Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts

(This is why we didn’t think it would be guessed XD Definitely a different style)

Short stories and small occurrences are an important part of Sherlock Holmes, and Brothers Consulted is no different! Enjoy a sneak peek at our favorite short story from within, The Borrower and the Baker!

Stan’s brow went up when a small older woman with an apron and cleaning gloves on her hands answered the door, and he put on his most charming smile, shoving his hands casually into the pockets of his dark wool coat. Unlike the black suits he and his team were encouraged to wear under Mycroft’s direct instruction, Stan was on his own time today and decided to make this visit in his street clothes.

“Afternoon,” he amicably greeted the woman he knew to be the landlady, Mrs. Hudson, even though they had never formally met. “Hope I didn’t interrupt anything, I was just hoping to speak with Mr. Holmes.”

Mrs. Hudson understood right away and let him inside, pointing him toward the stairs. He thanked her for her trouble and followed her directions, coming upon another door on the landing. It was closed, so he knocked and waited.

Sherlock Holmes answered the door after a moment, looking Stan up and down. Despite the hour, he was still in a dressing gown over an odd combination of a dress shirt and pyjama trousers. Recognizing him from their most recent adventure, the detective’s brow pinched.

“What is it?” he demanded bluntly, under the assumption that something must have happened or changed to cause Agent Baker to visit.

Stan made a move to unfasten his coat. “May I come in?”

Sherlock stepped aside, holding the door open for Stan as he entered and closing it behind him.

“Sorry for sort of barging in on you like this,” said Stan, shedding his coat and draping it over one arm, “but my team and I are in a bit of a bind and we need some advice.”

“Yes, yes, get to the point,” Sherlock grumbled impatiently.

Stan scratched at the back of his neck, a little hesitant. “Actually, sir, I was rather hoping to discuss this with Dean as well–”

Dean! ” Sherlock called to the seemingly empty room, knowing the smaller man would hear. Then he snatched a chair from the end table against the wall and placed it across from the fireplace, indicating that Stan should sit as he dropped into his own chair. Bemused, Stan did just that, laying his coat over the back of it before taking a seat, folding his hands in his lap while he waited.

They weren’t left waiting for long; it was only moments before there was movement deep in the bookshelf by John’s empty armchair.

There was very little dust left on the shelf from the time Sherlock removed all the books. This meant Dean didn’t get as messy when he passed through the crack that lead to their home. The old spiderwebs that had once draped over the area were gone as well, leaving him a clear path.

In annoyance, the little guy stormed out into plain sight. His leather jacket was hastily thrown on and his duffel bag hung askew, and he was glaring right at Sherlock when he came out into the light.

“You know, I’m right there, like two feet away,” Dean complained. “You’re gonna wake the dead one of these days, and the last thing we need to deal with is any vengeful spirits knocking on our doors along with all the rest of the problems going on.”

The sight of Stan sitting across from where Dean was standing brought him up short, not expecting anyone else in the flat. Dean scanned him up and down, evidently remembering the man from the late-night case two weeks ago. “Stan!” he called, his voice warmer than during his scolding of Sherlock. “Didn’t expect to see you droppin’ in!”

A smile broke through Stan’s bemusement regarding the situation as a whole. As strange as it was to watch the tiny man appear from the bookshelf and chastise someone so much larger than himself, it was good to see Dean again. He was the first and only tiny person Stan had ever met, and he would not forget their meeting anytime soon.

“Been a while,” Stan mused with a grin. “My team and I have been working round the clock the past few week, figured I’d stop in and give you an update.”

Believe it or not, out of the three writers for this blog, not one of us had ever played or touched Overwatch. I’ve seen art from it drift by my dashboard a time or two, but I know next to nothing about it. If you ever have ideas for the Legend of Zelda, Mario, even Skyrim or Monster hunter, I’m your girl, but otherwise I am a blank slate.

My money’s on Sam getting the hang of the game first.

Where the Trees Grow #2


 Here’s the second part of my entry for @brothersapart‘s contest! You can read the first part here, if you haven’t already. Also, I’ll probably be posting this to my AO3 account soon, so just letting you know. Enjoy!

“It’s just a checkup
we’re doing. Making sure everything is running smoothly,” Dean told the chief
police officer. He had on his FBI get up, Sam and Jacob safely tucked away in
an inside pocket. He watched the chief as she finished up what he assumed was
paper work. She paused and looked at him.

“Everything’s great.
Well, other than the theft and break-ins here and there, but nothing we can’t
handle ourselves.” She had a southern accent, but it seemed faded from years of
living in the north. Dean nodded and stood. He reached in one of his suit
pockets, the one below his brothers and felt around for his small business

Jacob and Sam felt
the jacket move as Dean reached a hand in under them. Every movement Dean made
was noticeable in his pocket. Even more so in the inside jacket pocket. The two
sent each other a look, but remained silent.

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