When’s the next sneak peek to Brothers Discovered?

Aw, I love this AU!

We’re a little behind schedule for writing it due to rl things, and ended up tackling a bit of a different story for a bit that was easier to write at the time, but we’ll be getting back into it soon, and once we get moving again, we’ll be able to excerpt it.

For now, I’ll leave you with this:

Protectively pulling Sam half into his lap, Dean parted his frozen lips. He hadn’t talked since Sam dropped unconscious over an hour back, and his voice cracked. “P-please,” Dean pleaded. “Don’t take him.”

John’s heart sank to hear the desperation in the absolutely tiny voice. “I’m not going to,” he promised quietly.

He convinced himself to tear his eyes away, glancing up and down the street. It was dead quiet, no one around at this hour. He was alone with two absolutely tiny kids freezing in the snow.

“Where are your parents?” he asked gently, turning back to Dean. “Are they nearby? Did you get separated?”

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