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Smolders Dean & Big Sam going on a hunt after they’re back together for the first time & maybe one gets hurt and/or captured and have to help the other, just an idea

Technically, this story would be a part of the Cursed Dean AU.

Sam woke with a jolt, and immediately fell backwards, his head throbbing.

Blinking in confusion, he tried to wipe the tears of pain out of his eyes so he could see where he was, try and figure out what had happened before he was knocked out.

The ceiling was low overhead as the blurry vision cleared, which explained why his attempt to sit up had gone so terribly. It was lower than three feet, giving Dean little room to stretch. 

Lengthwise, the end of the cage wasn’t touching Sam’s boots. He tried to stretch out his toes, but found only empty air there. Trying to squirm around, he discovered his confinement was too narrow to turn around.

If it wasn’t in the open air with bars, Sam would think he was in a coffin.

Whoever had trapped him wasn’t in the room, but they had ensured that Sam, short of a miraculous yoga move that he suspected was not humanly possible, could not reach the cage door that was at the other end of the cage. They apparently didn’t trust their search earlier, when they’d taken away his lockpick.

Sam huffed in annoyance, then his eyes widened as he remembered another detail.


His older brother, thought dead until just recently, had come on this case with him. Sam couldn’t remember what happened to Dean after he was captured, and he had to hope that the much smaller hunter, cursed to live at a fraction of his original height, was free and clear of the monster.

Searching through his pockets, Sam made sure that he hadn’t missed Dean somehow, in case his brother had been knocked unconscious– or worse, his mind whispered insidiously– and then sagged back, at the same time relieved and concerned that Dean wasn’t there.

There was always the chance that Dean had been taken captive just like Sam, only he was far easier to contain.

All those thoughts fled Sam’s mind when he heard, loud and clear from next to his ear, “Didja miss me?”

Sam whipped around, his eyes wide. Dean couldn’t help a step back at the fast movement, standing only inches away from where Sam had been laying.

“Dean?!” Sam couldn’t help the gasp of relief he felt at the sight of his older brother, hale and hearty and as full of attitude as he ever was. Reflexively, Sam brought up his hands to cup around Dean, wanting to make sure there were no hidden injuries.

With a look of annoyance, Dean tried to shrug off the fingers that cupped around him. “Do you want me to break you out, or are you just going to waste time?” he snipped.

Sam gave Dean a half-hearted grin, knowing how independent his borrower-sized brother could be. “I guess I’ll let you get to work,” he said dryly, lifting his hand so Dean had room.

“Good.” Dean started on his jaunty way to the cage door, a paperclip in his hand. Not as effective as a lockpick would be, but definitely workable. “Now stay still, Gigantor!”

“You got it,” Sam promised. He rested his head, trying to see Dean every step of the way. 

Working together, they’d be out of this mess in no time. 

What would have happened if Cas hadn’t shrunk Dean back down? Also, was the curse that she used to enlarge Dean one that touched his soul as well?

If he hadn’t shrunk Dean back down, they’d have a lot of work to figure out how to get him back to normal.

Also, RIP Rufus’s cabin. It wouldn’t survive the attempt.

Sam and Dean couldn’t interact with each other reliably at that scale difference. They’d need Bobby to help soften the blow between them.

The curse Celeste used on Dean was not the same as the one that she used on Sam. This one was a standard witch spell. 

Though in Brothers Apart we see her angelic soulbound curse used most often, there are other styles and types of magic and curses that can change sizes, either larger or smaller. The reason she used hers on the borrower population was because the angelic grace imbued in them strengthens the host body, and she’s growing an army of hosts and in particular, looking for a strong one for her brother to use.

Dean’s curse was easily lifted and removed. If they had to wait until later, a simple cleansing spell would have worked.

It would be painful, though. Crunching down to normal size all at once.

You will see other size changes happen in the BA multiverse.

Night Fright


This is for @brothersapart 2018 contest, and is set in the story where Dean got cursed alone. He meets some… interesting people in the motel one night. Things go downhill very fast.

Dean grumbled to himself, looking around at the mostly bare dresser top. There was nothing here except for a clock and some pamphlets. He rubbed at his neck, willing that stupid knack of his to work right. It had never really steered him wrong – items that seemed useless at the time would always have a use shortly after they were found – but there was nothing here. No leftover food, no small items he could reuse in ways they weren’t originally designed for, nothing that he could take back home.

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If Dean was the small one, he’d still be in charge. Sam grew up looking up to his older brother, and having him tiny wouldn’t change that a bit. It would be a lot like in Brothers Unexpected, where Sam gets adopted by Jacob’s family. Sam is much smaller than Jacob, but as the oldest, is also trusted to watch out for the kid and Jacob learns fast to listen to him (sweet tol teddy).

Not sure if we’ll ever get to writing a Brothers Together switchup, but it is a lot of fun to think about the Weechesters no matter who’s what size.