In case you were wondering what Oscar looks like as a child, wonder no more. This photo is what the little guy would look like if he were properly fed. Let’s hope the Weechesters can get him looking more like this while they’re visiting the Knight’s Inn in Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines. Oscar must have more to eat! Get this kid some pie!

(Pictured is actor Logan Lerman from his role in The Butterfly Effect)

You all wanted more of the kid!Sam, and you won’t be waiting much longer! The story of Sam meeting others like him is on its way, and no one has guessed who he’ll be seeing. Tune in on Monday, November 16th and the first chapter of the adorable kiddos fic will be posted on the various sites! ( Deviantart, Fanfiction, Archive of our Own ) It will update from then on every Monday after. Below is a sneak peek from that first chapter:

Is it a mouse?

Dean didn’t want to risk having any unknown animals darting around the room. He slipped quietly off the bed, creeping over towards the wall. He ignored a curious question shot his way from Sam, who was finally taking note of his older brother’s odd behavior.

“Gimme a sec,” Dean muttered over his shoulder.

He saw the movement again, and lunged forward. Two hands slammed around the small animal, trapping it between them. The show was completely forgotten as Dean stood back up, eyes wide as he stared down at his hands.

Did I see what I thought I saw?

“What is it, Dean?” Sam asked, taking a few hesitant steps forward on the uneven surface of the bed.

Just as curious as Sam, Dean cracked open his hands so he could peek inside at what he’d caught. He sucked in a gasp of surprise and slammed them shut, staring back at Sam in dismay.

It was a kid even smaller than Sammy.

Who did Dean just catch? Find out on Monday!

Whoever wrote in this prompt, you win in prompt ideas! This is going to be an entire, full fledged story! You sparked so much creativity with this :3

Story coming soon! (writing it will take time, but it’s going to be worth it)

Anyone have a guess as to who he’s going to run into for other borrowers?