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ray7and13-blog-blog asked:

Do you think you’d ever be open to introducing Cas and if so do you ship Destiel?

I, personally, am a non-shipper, but I don’t mind anyone who wants to ship the characters in my stories with other characters!

As for Castiel, he actually already is in the stories!

If you check out Brothers Apart, Castiel appears in Brothers Apart 14: Bittersweet Parting. I don’t recommend reading it without catching up with the other stories, as it directly ties into the events that happen throughout the second season.

You can find a full list of the stories here if you needed the link.

Castiel will be seen more in Brothers Apart and a few other BA AUs, but he isn’t a majorly featured character, as these stories are focused more on the Winchesters. His part in the story is very important, but brief.

Destiel question

jayadawnyvonne asked:

An idea/question Do u ship destiel ? Because what if tiny dean/ or big dean finds a smol cass in the walls with sam ?? Instead of cass being an angel ?

Well, personally I don’t really ship any of the major ships on Supernatural, and I tend to avoid posts on them for the most part. You won’t see any ships featured directly in the Brothers Apart series, but of course feel free to interpret the characters however you choose.

WITH THAT SAID, I do know this amazing little fic where Castiel lives in the walls of a motel with his family and encounters the Winchesters… I highly recommend it! It’s angsty and fluffy, and one of my favorite g/t fics that I discovered on Archive of Our Own. 

Go check out Little Angels by besully (Briar_Elwood)

Six-inch tall Castiel lives his life collecting trinkets from the residents of Paradise Motel, quietly sneaking in and out, never being seen. One morning he’s almost seen by two new residents: Sam and Dean Winchester who are checking out a supposed haunting at the motel. Turns out, they’re not really after a ghost….

Castiel even has his wings!

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myimaginedairybeard asked:

(If I get anything wrong, please let me know)You said Destiel and Johnlock isn’t canon in the BA universe, so I get that there not gonna be together, but does that necessarily mean that all four of them are heterosexual?(Aside from whether it will actually show in the stories).I know you have quite a few lgbt OCs(Stan, Nathan, Chase, Jacob, did I miss anyone?), are there any other characters from the LGBT society? I love all your characters and your work is amazing! Thank for being so awesome!

Well, you’ve got it half right– two of the four are hetero!

Dean and John stick with strictly hetero relationships in the Brothers Apart multiverse, but Sherlock and Cas are another story.

As an angel of the Lord, Castiel in his angelic form is both agender and asexual. He does take on the attributes of his vessel if he inhabits them for long enough, so when Dean knows him he is a male, while he has also been a female in the distant past. Sherlock, as well, is asexual, married to his work more than any person he could fall in love with. 

As far as other characters that appear in the storylines that are on the LGBT spectrum, we do actually have quite a few others…

Celeste, like her younger brother Castiel, was agender and asexual, though in the past she has shown a liking for women, and has currently been inhabiting a vessel for several hundred years, giving her a female way of thinking as she picks up her vessel’s habits.

All aeternum sprites are strictly feminine. There are no males of their race (making Sam quite an odd sight for Nixie!), and they do have relationships with each other. The fire sprites especially, with the burning passion that they feel for all things. Air sprites as well, though those relationships tend to spark quickly and end fast. Water and earth are more subdued, but very committed partners.

The characters Bardolph and Xander (who appear in this short story, and will be appearing later on in Brothers Apart season 3), are a pair of borrowers that will also fit on the spectrum. Barry has no interest in women, and Xander is surprised to find out he’s interested in both men and women. They’re particular faves.

Barry and Xander, done by @dolphiana!

Adriana the witch is as straight as a lightning bolt, but not in a good way. She’s perfectly willing to use people, men or women, to further her cause. Relationships are no exception. 

Adriana of the Woods, by @mogadeer!


Yep, you got Jacob and Chase right! Jacob Andris is ace/aro, so he’d be less interested in dating and more interested in being your buddy. He’s a very good hugger and listener, so that’s a good combo right there. Chase Lisong is bisexual with no strong preference of any gender over another.

In addition to them, nearly every one of my sprites (including Bowman Leafwing) is biromantic/demisexual.

I also have Elias Dawn, a genderfluid/pansexual trickster that may someday make an appearance in the BA Multiverse!

Artwork by @therealbrigeedarocks

I must ask, will there be destiel or johnlock? Just curious :3

The writers here on the blog are non-shippers, so we won’t touch on any subjects with Destiel, Johnlock, Sastiel … any of the ships that float around.

Of course, we don’t want our readers to feel like they have to stay with our line of thinking! Feel free to ship the characters however you interpret the stories! I know we’ve had a lot of fans of Stan/Dean, and neon’s had a few different ship ideas for her babys trickle in over time ^^

It’s always entertaining to hear what people come up with for pairings!

afin – Dean managed to save Sam from the spell, but Sam didn’t manage to rescue him before John took him away. Dean either manages to escape the hexbag or ran from Walt and Mallory. Either way he tries to ask a human for help, only to end up captured and shipped to England. He didn’t gets his hands on a paperclip, so he meets Stan either as he’s put on sale or kept in a tank by his new owner







Getting closer, but Dean never saved Sam from the curse in this one! Sam is currently MIA, with Dean having only a vague notion of where his brother is.

The rest is approaching the mark. This story is all based on a picture by @wolfie180g that we took and changed a bit to fit our idea of an angsty AU of wtf, and the world they live in isn’t the same as you’ll find in Brothers Consulted. Not by a long shot, especially for people like Dean.

this one?

Lawl, Stan and Dean are not hooking up (or hugging), and there is far less happy in the other pic the story is based on.

so none of this?

XD XD None of that 

Cas feels left out

I’ll just wait here then…

so bored without the bae…

Dean… you’ll live. At least you get to be in the super cool new story! (totes not jealous)

Should I say it?

Stan is the new Cas

Without wings tho. And no halo. Just your everyday secret agent man, wandering the stores…

COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight (Part 2)


( First part )

Commission for @wolfie180g!

A second part to The Dragon Sleeps Tonight was requested, for the same 1200 words and bringing in dragon Dean’s Sam along with Castiel, shenanigans ensue.

For being a great customer twice now, I tossed in a few more words, bringing this chapter up to 1600, and tried to finish the story, but wow is it hard to write an entire story in 2.4k words. I lack this skill.

The Brothers Apart Sam and Dean are @nightmares06‘s, dragon Dean belongs to @wolfie180g, and the original Sam and Dean Winchester belong to the CW/Erick Kripke!

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: None

Commissions are open!

“How the hell do you misplace a fifty-foot dragon?!

Stalking angrily through the woods, trying to not think about them being lost, it wasn’t until Sam heard a gravelly “Sam…” from behind that he realized he’d spoken his thoughts out loud.

Whirling around, a keen blue-eyed gaze met his frustrated hazels. “Dean will be fine,” Cas said steadily. “He can handle himself alone for an hour. If there was anyone suspicious in the forest, Bobby and Balth would call us.”

Sam took a deep breath. Exhaled. “Dream team, those two,” he muttered, but couldn’t hide a slight smirk. “I just… hate leaving him alone so long.”

“He won’t even know we were gone,” Cas assured, resuming his walk and pushing past Sam to take the lead. “If anyone can handle himself, it’s the full-grown dragon.”

Sam huffed, shifting the bags full of meat in his arms and following behind.

“Besides,” Cas continued, “we’ll all feel better when Dean’s been fed without alerting everyone in the forest that there’s a hungry dragon about.”

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