Did Sam (of wellwood) ever get a sunburn? I need to know what’s the reaction of the sprites

Concern, first. They don’t really know what to expect from such a pale person, considering no wood sprite is quite as light-skinned as little Sam. When he turns pink/red, they might worry he’s sick until he explains it to them, and even then they’ll fret. The sun is supposed to give life, not burn them! That said, they could get burned themselves if they’re not careful, it’s just not as easy for them. So they’d know some herbal remedies to soothe him if necessary.

Dean of Nowhere

(Story 2 of the Brothers Asunder series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

A man without a home. A hunter without a family.

Dean Winchester comes from nothing and lives for no one, but dedicated his life to saving people in need. Now, an unexpected attack on two campers by one of their best friends draws Dean to Wellwood forest, towards an unexpected reunion.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bobby Loran, Chase Lisong, Rischa Songbird,

Sam Winchester, Bowman Leafwing, Scar Wolfblind, Cerul Elanwyn, Vel, the demon

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Artwork by @jennilah! ( @ask-tinycas )

Sam of Wellwood

(Story 1 of the Brothers Asunder series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

After having her plans thwarted so often by Dean Winchester, Celeste decides to up the stakes in her newest attempt, this time not even trying to curse the older Winchester. Instead, she removes him from the equation completely and sends Sam far, far away.

Into a forest where a certain familiar village resides, out of sight and out of mind.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Bowman Leafwing, Jacob Andris, Scar Wolfblind, Cerul Elanwyn

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Artwork by @lamthetwickster!




I’ve been so excited to come this far that now that I’m here, I hardly know what to say. Years and years of planning and writing and editing (and repeating those steps until I wanted to pass out) have finally come to fruition.

I’m so proud and pleased to announce that Bowman of Wellwood is now a published book!

From simple origins as a side project and something to muse about in between classwork and my other stories, Bowman and his friends have grown and developed more than I ever could have imagined. He used to be a nameless little muse, the figure I would imagine flying among the trees whenever I went on a road trip as a kid. Now, Bowman is all grown up, along with Jacob and Rischa and the rest.

I have to give credit where it’s due. I couldn’t have made it to this point without encouragement from my friends and the people I’ve written together with over the years. Thank you all so much for what you’ve done for me, @creatorofuniverses @nightmares06 @borrowedtimeandspace @bittykimmy @little-miss-maggie

Currently, the book is only available on the Lulu shop. However, I am in the process of preparing it for distribution on other sites such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble; more announcements will come when that process is complete. The next step will be to create an eBook format for those who don’t want to have a physical copy with that gorgeous cover (the artwork for which was created by Anthony Avon ).

If anyone has been interested in Bowman’s backstory for Brothers Apart, here it is! A lovely book from start to finish, and one of my favorite stories!

Bothering Bowman

(Story 3 of the Brothers Found series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

Bowman Leafwing would scoff at the idea of ‘giants’ out there in the forest, but after a run-in with Sam Winchester and his larger hunting buddies, he’ll have a hard time denying their existence.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bowman Leafwing

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Artwork by @lamthetwickster!

A Lich of Sense

(Story 10 of the Brothers Apart series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

What happens when you have Winchesters in the Wellwood? A bad day for Bowman Leafwing, as an encounter with a certain hunter and his brother goes awry, and zombie wolves move into the forest.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bowman Leafwing

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Artwork by @ghostquack!

They would be a little surprised to learn that humans have souls at all. Not because they think they’re monsters necessarily, but to sprites, their souls are like little pieces of the Spirit they pray to. Since humans don’t have one of the Spirits connected to them, it would be a bit surprising to find out that they have souls from an entirely different source.

Knowing how powerful a soul is would be less of a surprise. Souls are nothing to be trifle with, no matter the source. They might be worried about where those human souls go, if they don’t have a Spirit that will take them in. Heaven and Hell would not be easy concepts for them to grasp.

Bowman himself would be as belligerent as he is about anything a human tells him. Especially if he can’t actually see or feel any proof of it. If he actually saw a human soul, he’d be both mollified and also wondering why it’s just kinda floating around. Doesn’t it have places to be. Free it.

catpixels: sorry, completely unrelated but quick question, at what age the nestlings’ wings uncurl and what’s the average wingspan, compared to their bodies? And at what age they start to achieve flight?
Neon: the nestlings wings unfurl at around 4 years of age I think, and at that point the wings aren’t even as wide as their body length, and very fluttery and sensitive. They start to grow more after that and they get stable enough to hop around at around 7 or 8


There’s no plans for him to meet Bowman and the earthbound sprites just yet, at least not in the original Brothers Apart series, but there’s always the possibility he’ll show up in another AU and see the sprites. I think it would be most likely to happen in Brothers Asunder, when Sam’s fate is more closely entwined with Bowman’s as his adopted little brother.


An Appreciation for the Sun was a really fun time! I’d definitely be willing to do something like that again, as a collab or on my own (I have some Cas prompts in my inbox that I’ve been mulling over).

The sprites would be so intrigued by his wings. I can see them fluttering around behind them after he’s shown off the shadow and getting confused. They’re not there? But they saw them a minute ago? How are you doing this. And his healing would definitely be impressive. It’d be like the Spirit Herself’s healing, so fast. 

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