March 29th excerpt:

Unable to reach the edge of the palm before it rose, Dean found himself curling into a ball around Sam as the ground dropped away. Then stopped. Pulse pounding, Dean blinked his eyes open in confusion as the hand paused in place.

Done with arguing with the giant, Dean shifted towards the edge of his hand, intent on getting down and getting away.

March 17th excerpt:

Even when he first shrank down, he hadn’t encountered a feeling like this. It fluttered in his chest like a rabbit’s heartbeat and he tried to run faster. He even abandoned the food tucked under his arm, all to gain more distance, more speed.

March 16th excerpt:

Logan turned to bolt, and then stopped himself. He stooped to snatch up at least one small fragment of a chip. He’d already been seen, so there was no point in leaving empty handed.

Then he was off towards the oppressive, dark safety of the walls.

Sneak Peek of Brothers Discovered


Things on the side of the walk weren’t an unusual sight at all, especially in John’s part of town. There was always a little rubbish someone missed, toys or other belongings some kid might have dropped earlier in the day that got swept aside.

So when John noticed a small figure huddled against the wall, his gaze downturned thanks to the precipitation, he passed right by it with hardly a question.

A few steps away was a crossing, which had just turned in the direction that John wasn’t heading, so he shoved his hands in his pockets with a sigh and waited patiently for the light.

Boredom struck quickly, and curiosity brought his attention sliding back the way he’d come, to that strange figure in the snow. He didn’t understand why until he thought about it; whatever it was, was small enough to be a toy. But a fallen toy wouldn’t manipulate itself in such a position.

Curiosity won out, and with a glance back at the traffic lights, John meandered his way back to check out what was over there.

Frowning thoughtfully, John crouched down for a better look. He wasn’t around children often, but he’d never seen toys quite like these.

It seemed to be two figures, clinging to each other in the snow. Too lifelike to be simple playthings, and he couldn’t see any telltale joint mechanisms to allow for movement. Perhaps it was some kind of subtle art piece, a political statement maybe.

They looked an awful lot like kids.

John couldn’t quite tell. After a moment of thought, he took one hand out of his pocket and reached out to brush a bit of the thin layer of snow off this supposed street art.

Dean heard the footsteps returning after the most recent giant passed by. They shook the ground under him, how could he miss such rumbles?

Darting one glance towards the shadow he could see moving along the walkway, Dean pulled Sam closer, his arm protectively curled around his little brother’s body to keep him close. Whatever happened, he couldn’t afford to be split apart from Sam. After months in captivity, they’d escaped together, and had each other to rely on in a completely alien world from where they’d grown up. Dean refused to let Sam slip away from him after coming so far.

With the shadow rapidly approaching, it was for the best that Sam was out cold. There was even less of a chance that anyone would realize they were alive if they didn’t move, and the younger kid had less self-control than Dean.

The footsteps slowed and came to a stop about a foot away, and Dean saw the massive shape crouch down, looming over them both as the stranger leaned in to see them better. Shoes bigger than both brothers together crunched against the snow.

Dean stared up at the giant. Keen blue eyes looked them both over, vaguely interested and strangely piercing at the same time. He willed himself to keep still, trying so hard to avoid notice, but deep in his heart knew it was too late. Whoever this stranger was, he’d found them. If they were lucky, he’d pass them up as two broken toys on the street. If not… Dean hated to think of Sam back in that cage again.

His words from before, said to reassure Sam, were coming back to bite him as a hand reached for them.

(Artwork by @soluscheese! <3)

August 17th excerpt:

Logan paused, waiting for Dean to notice that he’d escaped the enclosure. Hearing no bellows of surprise, the shrunken hunter crept towards the edge of Dean’s lap, peering over the side into the grass. Overhead, he heard Bowman say excitedly, “I see him, he’s coming this way!” Logan scowled, thinking that the last thing he wanted was to see that damn kid at this new scale. Using the edge of Dean’s pocket as an initial handhold, Logan slipped over the side to climb down before anyone noticed. At least Jacob might offer a distraction.

April 21st excerpt:

Sam snarled, his calm countenance dropping away as though it never existed. With no other options open to him, he seized the moment to do what he’d hoped he would never have to do.

The young knight sprinted for the edge of the desk.

But he wasn’t trying to escape.

February 12th excerpt:

Dean shoved Sam in the opposite direction. “Now!” he shouted.

Sam would know what to do.

In unison, the two brothers tossed themselves forward with their knives. Almost at the same time, twin silver blades cut into the hands, one on each side. They needed to get the hands out of their way. If they couldn’t manage that, they wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance at escaping.


BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 5 of 6 )

“What’s your name?” Bobby asked as he held up his lockpick and started in on the door.

Bright blue eyes flashed between him and the lock. Not a word escaped the small blond kid.

Bobby held in a sigh. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he was disappointed. He’d enjoyed talking to the littles the last time he’d run into them, but clearly this one wouldn’t give him that chance. He’d already been hurt by humans.

The lock clicked open. Bobby went to reach inside to get him out.

The guy let out a yelp of surprise, diving to the side to get away from the grasping hand. If Bobby had ever felt guilt in his life before (and he had, so many times), he felt it now, as powerful as ever. Here was a person that had been hurt by humans, and was desperate to stay out of the clutches of other humans. He clearly didn’t want to chance another person trapping him.

Bobby let his hand fall to his side.

“I’m not gonna hurt you,” he said. He closed his eyes in thought. An idea occurred to him. Blue eyes opened up once more, freezing the kid in place. “I’m gonna put your cage down on the floor. Okay? Then you can get yourself to safety, and I’ll go get that other hunter off your trail. But ya better keep out of sight the next few days until this all blows over. He’s out for blood.”

With that said, he lifted up the cage. The other man tumbled to the ground, but was up in a flash when the cage was lowered to the floor. Bobby made sure that the door was pointed away from him, giving the guy plenty of space to escape.

The blond man glanced over his shoulder, meeting Bobby’s eyes once more.

Bobby made a shooing gesture. “Get yourself gone. It’s high time you get back to your family or friends. I’ll take care of the rest, don’ you worry.”

He received a solemn nod in return, then the small guy darted off. He vanished behind the dresser in the room. When Bobby checked a minute later, there was no sign of him.

He was gone.

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