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jayadawnyvonne asked:

An idea/question Do u ship destiel ? Because what if tiny dean/ or big dean finds a smol cass in the walls with sam ?? Instead of cass being an angel ?

Well, personally I don’t really ship any of the major ships on Supernatural, and I tend to avoid posts on them for the most part. You won’t see any ships featured directly in the Brothers Apart series, but of course feel free to interpret the characters however you choose.

WITH THAT SAID, I do know this amazing little fic where Castiel lives in the walls of a motel with his family and encounters the Winchesters… I highly recommend it! It’s angsty and fluffy, and one of my favorite g/t fics that I discovered on Archive of Our Own. 

Go check out Little Angels by besully (Briar_Elwood)

Six-inch tall Castiel lives his life collecting trinkets from the residents of Paradise Motel, quietly sneaking in and out, never being seen. One morning he’s almost seen by two new residents: Sam and Dean Winchester who are checking out a supposed haunting at the motel. Turns out, they’re not really after a ghost….

Castiel even has his wings!

Will you please make a recommendation for the stories with the highest concentration of fluffs? Sometimes that is needed after reading a scary.



Lol! We could all use some good fluff recs from time to time.

I’ll do some from my stories and some from others that I love:

King Me by @wolfie180g

After Sam and Dean get back to the motel with a couple of six packs, they find a small board game box with a checkered board inside and decide to have some fun playing checkers and chess. It devolves into playful shenanigans.

Take Care by Helloootricksterr

In which Dean is sick, and Sam gets to take care of him.

After the Hunt by @nightmares06

A short story of Brothers Found

Sam wakes up out in the open in a motel room and doesn’t know at first where he is. Takes place directly after Chasing Family.

Family Movie Night by @nightmares06

During Dean’s two month stay at Trails West; he sets up a movie night for Sam’s small adopted family in his motel room.

Ant Man by @nightmares06

When Dean learns about an action movie starring a man that shrinks, he knows he has to bring Sam to see it. Set in a possible future BA.

Comfy by weeglyfeesh

Sam found himself a new place to sleep, and he’s not giving up his new spot willingly.

Gonna just throw in one of my own stories in the mix for some fluff just in case anyone wanted more. This one is from Oscar’s original series, Food and Monsters:

Popcorn and No Monsters ( AO3 )  ( DA )

Oscar is a lot braver than he looks. He’s helped Sam and Dean Winchester, a pair of hunters that draw trouble like a magnet, on two of their cases fighting against the things that go bump in the night. Despite this, he doesn’t think he’s a very remarkable little guy. It comes as a big surprise when his friends turn up back at his motel without a case drawing them there.

Will there be anymore Dragon Dean senarios? Or books?

I’m glad you liked the dragon Dean parts!

The little story there is actually a commission for @wolfie180g, and I did enjoy writing it, though I don’t have the time to return to a story like that without it being commissioned.

If you liked Dragon Dean, though, I highly recommend looking wolfie up! He’s their creation and there’s an entire series written about him, including a crossover into the Brothers Apart AUs they wrote that won this year’s contest! And some great fanart, too.

Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights 
The Dragon at Knights Inn 

Commissions are still open (and always needed with everything that’s going on here), so if anyone wants to commission a continuation for that, I’m more than willing to continue!

Shot in the Dark – GT Book Available on Amazon!!


Hey y’all!

My amazing friend/co-author Obsess-Confess and I have put up our first GT novel on Amazon!! Please consider buying a copy and leaving a review! A lot of love and time has been poured into this project, and we are so proud of the final product!

If you love GT, fairies, fluff, angst, and adventure, you’ll love it! I’ve also posted shorts revolving around the characters Jon, Cliff, and Sylvia. If you enjoyed those, here’s your chance to see how they met! ❤

What exactly is Shot in the Dark about? Here’s the synopsis:

Curiosity comes at a price. 

It isn’t that fairies don’t exist. They just don’t want to be found. And it isn’t that Sylvia wants to be found. She just doesn’t want to be cooped up. She lives from risk to risk, slipping regularly out of her village to satisfy her need to explore. Her harmless adventuring comes to a devastating halt when she is slammed with way more than she bargained for– a bullet through her wing that renders her flightless and leaves her at the mercy of two towering humans, Jon and Cliff. 

Sylvia is certain there is zero chance of survival, but despite the warnings that have been drilled to her since childhood, the humans aren’t quite as murderous as she expected. Under the assumption that it’s only temporary, she creates friendships where she shouldn’t. 

However, her intention to get home as soon as possible doesn’t pan out so smoothly. One complication after another sets her back, and all the while, she finds herself entranced by the fascinating and terrifying outside world that she once could only dream of. Now that she has gotten a taste of freedom, she’s not sure if she’s ready to give it up– no matter the cost.

Click here if you’re interested in purchasing! It’s available in e-book and paperback format!