Will you please make a recommendation for the stories with the highest concentration of fluffs? Sometimes that is needed after reading a scary.



Lol! We could all use some good fluff recs from time to time.

I’ll do some from my stories and some from others that I love:

King Me by @wolfie180g

After Sam and Dean get back to the motel with a couple of six packs, they find a small board game box with a checkered board inside and decide to have some fun playing checkers and chess. It devolves into playful shenanigans.

Take Care by Helloootricksterr

In which Dean is sick, and Sam gets to take care of him.

After the Hunt by @nightmares06

A short story of Brothers Found

Sam wakes up out in the open in a motel room and doesn’t know at first where he is. Takes place directly after Chasing Family.

Family Movie Night by @nightmares06

During Dean’s two month stay at Trails West; he sets up a movie night for Sam’s small adopted family in his motel room.

Ant Man by @nightmares06

When Dean learns about an action movie starring a man that shrinks, he knows he has to bring Sam to see it. Set in a possible future BA.

Comfy by weeglyfeesh

Sam found himself a new place to sleep, and he’s not giving up his new spot willingly.

Gonna just throw in one of my own stories in the mix for some fluff just in case anyone wanted more. This one is from Oscar’s original series, Food and Monsters:

Popcorn and No Monsters ( AO3 )  ( DA )

Oscar is a lot braver than he looks. He’s helped Sam and Dean Winchester, a pair of hunters that draw trouble like a magnet, on two of their cases fighting against the things that go bump in the night. Despite this, he doesn’t think he’s a very remarkable little guy. It comes as a big surprise when his friends turn up back at his motel without a case drawing them there.

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