June 4th excerpt:

“So, er, what’s your name?” Stan asked, reluctant to call him by a name on a tank. “I’m Stan.”

“Oh, um,” Dean hadn’t expected this question from Stan. His name– most of his name– was on the side of the cage he was in when they first met. Stan could use it, he could decide to change it, and instead he was asking Dean.

Maybe he just wanted to hear Dean say it?

With an internal shrug of what can you do? Dean tilted his head back to meet Stan’s gaze. “Dean Win– Dean Wire.”


Artwork by @wolfie180g!

May 28th excerpt:

“Well, my name’s Sam,” Sam introduced. “Do you have a name?”

Nerves aside, Jacob gathered enough defiance to cross his arms. Closed to conversation, he wasn’t going to treat this as anything but what it was. Sam might have captured Jacob for a stupid mistake, but he wasn’t going to get to anyone else. Jacob took a steadying breath to try to hide his nerves under a giant’s gaze.

“Holding out on me?“ Sam was undeterred by the setback. "Guess that means we’ll be doing this the hard way. Your loss.”

March 22nd excerpt:

Holding his breath, Sam had to peek behind his seat to see where it had run, and his eyes widened.

No mouse had ever worn clothing or reached out with tiny hands to grab at forgotten candy on the floor.

Sam scrambled to his feet. “W-wait!” he called out.

Is there another sneak peek for brothers united?

We’ve actually paused on writing that story just like Brothers Discovered, and ended up working on a bit more angsty stories while work was stressful, but we can spare ya a peek!

The cry of fear from in Sam’s hands galvanized him into action, and he squirmed away from Dean’s reaching hand. “No!” he cried out, protesting his older brother’s grab. He twisted out of reach, keeping his hands shut tight around the kid. “You’ll hurt him! I promised!”

There was a moment of silence, and Sam looked over his shoulder to see Dean frozen. “Sam,” Dean said slowly, his eyebrows pinching in concern. “What do you have in your hands?”

“Promise not to grab?” Sam asked, sticking his lip out stubbornly.

“Promise, shorty,” Dean held up his hands and wiggled his fingers. “But I need to know what you have. No secrets.”

Sam sighed, and shifted onto his knees. “He’s real scared,” he explained, cracking his hands open slowly. “You gotta be careful.

Dean blinked in surprise at the ‘he,’ then leaned forward as Sam’s hands opened to reveal the world’s tiniest kid. “Sonovabit–


The scold cut Dean off, and all he could do was close his mouth and stare, for once rendered speechless.

Oscar was speechless too, though he felt like his heart had to be pounding loud enough for them to hear it. His ears throbbed after their short bickering, and his hands were clamped over the sides of his head. Somehow, he’d managed to stay curled up even when Sam moved around and jerked him away from Dean.

Now, though, he trembled so much it was amazing he could keep any position. Loud voices, huge hands, huge eyes, the sensations all swirled around him in a confusing whirlpool

He hiccupped and scrubbed at his eyes with the back of a hand. More tears replaced what he’d wiped away, and he kept the hand in front of his face to hide the only way he could.

“Dude, where’d you even find him?” Dean shot at Sam, rapid fire.

We’re looking forward to it just as much! (Sam and Dean must find their way back to each other, they must!)

I was actually working on editing a Brothers Adopted story just the other day so it’s ready to go for everyone ❤ The first story of Brothers Lost, The Road Not Taken, will be wrapping up on July 14th, which means this weekend it’s time – For another poll! I’ll cross my fingers for you, Jacob and Sam are the cutest cursed bros around, and they’re raring to go.


Dean, that doesn’t belong to you. Give him back. 

Jacob and Dean artwork by @mogadeer

Man, once Dean figured out who was on his head, Sam might have some explaining to do! Of course, the little Winchester just had to watch that giant that was stomping around the forest to make sure he wasn’t going to find the sprites. Gotta keep those little guys safe!

That would end up with an interesting first encounter, and might even have Sam getting grabbed right off of Dean’s head!

I can say that as of this week, we have officially started to work on Brothers Asunder! *Throws a party* Whether or not Dean will be in it and will find his little brother, I can’t say, but it will definitely be a huge toss up between adorable fluff and angsty angst. 

There’s just a few more story excerpts to share from Brothers Lost, then we’ll be switching tracks to Brothers Asunder for more fun!