October 17th excerpt:

“It is nice to breathe air that isn’t recycled,” said Stan genuinely. With another long inhale, he carefully maneuvered himself a little closer to the front of Dean’s shoulder, setting himself down between the collar and his neck and curiously peeking out in the direction Dean was heading. Once he even dared to glance down the sheer cliff Dean’s torso made, see those massive legs swing out to carry his unfathomable weight forward another step.

For the one brief second Stan got to see that, it was both fascinating and terrifying.

What would have happened if Cas hadn’t shrunk Dean back down? Also, was the curse that she used to enlarge Dean one that touched his soul as well?

If he hadn’t shrunk Dean back down, they’d have a lot of work to figure out how to get him back to normal.

Also, RIP Rufus’s cabin. It wouldn’t survive the attempt.

Sam and Dean couldn’t interact with each other reliably at that scale difference. They’d need Bobby to help soften the blow between them.

The curse Celeste used on Dean was not the same as the one that she used on Sam. This one was a standard witch spell. 

Though in Brothers Apart we see her angelic soulbound curse used most often, there are other styles and types of magic and curses that can change sizes, either larger or smaller. The reason she used hers on the borrower population was because the angelic grace imbued in them strengthens the host body, and she’s growing an army of hosts and in particular, looking for a strong one for her brother to use.

Dean’s curse was easily lifted and removed. If they had to wait until later, a simple cleansing spell would have worked.

It would be painful, though. Crunching down to normal size all at once.

You will see other size changes happen in the BA multiverse.

Jacob in Wonderland

(Story 4 of the Brothers Found series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

Did you know that you and Dean-O are the first humans in over a generation to actually manage to befriend little guys like Sam and Bowman? I mean, sure. Dean had a bit of a leg up there with Sam actually being his brother, but there have been other families in the past split by size like that and they never bothered with each other again.

Of course your life is a game. Everyone’s life is a game. And the name of the game?


Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bowman Leafwing, the Trickster

Warnings: Horror story. Please read full warning on first chapter of story.

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Artwork by @mogadeer​!

Chasing Family

(Story 1 of the Brothers Found series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

In. Out.

Four inch tall Sam Winchester’s family needs food and all he can find is a cracker dropped on the floor in a room with a human.

How hard can it be to grab it before he’s seen and vanish back into the walls?

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris

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Artwork by @mogadeer!

Bittersweet Parting

(Story 14 of the Brothers Apart series and the end of Season Two)

After a forced relocation from Trails West, new information surfaces about the witch the brothers have sought for years, throwing them all into a confrontation they weren’t prepared for, and could never have expected.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, John Winchester, Walt Watch, Bela Talbot, Rufus Turner, Celeste, Castiel

Warnings: Major character death

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Artwork by @thefriendlypigeon!

The Ties That Bind

(Story 13 of the Brothers Apart series)

A call in the middle of the night summons Sam and Dean back to Sam’s old home, Trails West. What is stalking their family in the motel, and what lengths will Dean have to go to in order to stop it?

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Gordon Walker, Walt Watch, Briella Watch, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Mikael Foyer, Krissy Vent, Sean

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