A chance meeting between Dragon!Dean and Giant!Jacob

Poor Dean thought he was pretty big and strong at 51 feet tall… till
he met a 122 ft tall teenager in the woods that’s big enough to carry
him around like a pampered pet!
Good thing Jacob is pretty mellow
about meeting a mythical fire breathing beast in the woods. He’s pretty
new to the Supernatural, and he suspects that hanging out with his own
Sam and Dean he’ll see a bit more.

Dragon!Dean grows to 51 feet in his own story, my first fanfic
Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights
and Giant!Jacob is from Bigfoots A Hoax
from @neonthewrite and @nightmares06

Shy Titans uwu

@nightmarejasmine !!!

From the ask on this post, the size difference between dragon Dean and the giant Jacob from Bigfoot’s a Hoax!

How much bigger would be Dragon!Dean would be compared to giant!Jacob

I had to get some figures from @wolfie180g for this, since Dragon!Dean is in their personal playground.

Let’s see… When Jacob’s a giant, he stands about 122 feet tall (19x his usual 6′5″). 

Dragon Dean will end up reaching about 50 feet from the ground to his head. 30 feet tall in the chest (measured like a horse). Wingtip to wingtip, he’ll have a 130 foot wingspan.

So, compared to Jacob, Dean will be quite a bit smaller. He’s more like a wolf compared to the giant.

When I read that Sam needed a compass to figure out where north was, during or shortly after the setting sun my brain went “How the hell they can’t tell where north is!?”, only to be followed by the saying “They really lost their north”. Well played chapter title, well played ~Sassy

Lol, thanks!

As for Sam, they were pretty disoriented after Jacob put the Impala down after carrying them through the forest, and after their time hunting a wendigo Sam’s been working on improving their methods of surviving in the forest.

Great trackers, bad navigators. But Dean always has his M&Ms.


Will giant Jacob be able to see extra small Jacob(Brothers Found)? And how will the other Jacobs react to seeing such a small version of them next to such a big one. Although, I’m not so sure mother henning Sam will like the idea of his teddy Jacob risk getting hurt…

Yeah, there’s not much chance that Sam will let his tiny lil Jacob anywhere close to a giant among giants. He’s had enough trouble keeping Dean out of trouble with the little guy!

With the sizes in question, the biggest Jacob is unlikely to be able to see the tiny Jake without some sort of aid to help his sight. It’s a huge, huge difference between them!

Mini Jacob meets Wumbo Jacob

I’m sorry I have to let you know that reading this ask nearly knocked me out of my chair. Thank you so much.

To answer the actual scenario, these two might actually have trouble even perceiving each other, and even then that might be with the help of the Lounge. Luckily there’s the no-harm magic around so that giant Jacob speaking wouldn’t shake mini Jacob apart.

Beyond that, their sizes are so different it’d be hard to comprehend. Giant Jacob definitely can’t see the little guy as more than a speck. Meanwhile the little guy’s whole entire sky is a face. What the heck. Why this. He’d have to dive into someone’s satchel to just try to process the size difference. Do not leave him on that giant’s hand; he’d get lost.

Bigfoot’s a Hoax

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

Out in the natural beauty of the Sylvan Lake State Park, a camper’s gone missing and is presumed dead at the same time as rumors about a honest-to-god giant appearing in the forest to stalk hikers and hunters crop up. Sam and Dean will need to unravel the mystery and keep their wits about them to solve this case.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bobby Singer

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Artwork by @foolscapper!