March 20th excerpt:

If he ever did go into a room occupied by giants, there were rules to follow. He had to listen for breathing, the powerful gales in and out of enormous lungs. Relaxed breaths told him if they were sleeping or focused. Sleeping humans usually didn’t wake, if he was quiet enough while he searched around for food or something to use back in his home, nestled inside the walls themselves.

Every time he left that little haven, his heart rate sped up.

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So, if anyone follows me on tumblr, they might have seen that I am currently in a bit of a bind moneywise. My car is having issues, I have a funeral I need to go to next week that’s five states away (we lost my aunt, who was suffering from a tumor for several years now), and I’m having health issues of my own that involve a cardiologist (it’s been super scary and stressful!).

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– G/t – SPN (preferably together)

– Brothers Apart AU related– naturally these are my babies, and I do love working in all the different AUs. Whether it’s canon or not will be up to me.

– OCs if a full character profile and description is available.

– For characters from shows other than Supernatural, please message me first. I don’t want you wasting your money!

I will do giants, tinies, regular sized! I may be willing to do vore depending on the request. Message me for details.

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February 7th excerpt:

“Vicious little thing,” the other giant pointed out with a scoff. Bowman opened his eyes to glance at him and quivered again. He couldn’t decide if that giant’s accusing glare or his captor’s complete fascination was more unsettling.

“L-let go, you wingless pile of snakeskin!” he managed to force out, putting his considerable reserves of defiance into his voice.

January 8th excerpt:

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m the normal one in the car. It’s you two that are the giants. And I think I’m adorable.”

Stan had to laugh at that, light and friendly. He wasn’t ridiculing Dean’s perspective, but basking in the relaxed banter going on between them. Once he was assured Dean did exist, his next concern was how he would be to work with. He imagined someone so small would find human beings monstrously large.

Despite being outright called a giant by Dean, Stan didn’t feel like a monster at all.

January 2nd excerpt:

John’s anger melted as Dean’s voice rang out from near Sherlock’s feet.

“Dean…” he breathed as he looked down at the tiny man, awkwardly shuffling to sit at the end of Sherlock’s bed. It still made his heart race to see either of the brothers on the floor. Dean had managed to catch their attention quickly this time, but John always feared the idea of him or Sam being unable to make themselves known to their larger flatmates.

July 25th excerpt: 

“Dean was born in trouble,” Sam mumbled absently, flipping a page in the book. He distantly hoped that Bobby had found more information than they had. Aside from the “fee, fie, fo, fum” stories that littered the world, there wasn’t much lore to go on. Bobby had books that reached back to ancient times, and Sam was banking on there being information in there.

July 20th excerpt:

Sam twisted around in his seat and rifled through the belongings in the back, pushing aside some of the tent fabric that filled the backseat until he could snatch up one of the library books he’d checked out.

“Here.” Sam tossed one at Dean. “Something for the trip.”

Dean plucked up the edge of a cover. “I’m so thrilled,” he said sarcastically.

Sam got a book for himself and leafed through to the section on giants. “Might as well pass the time.”

It’s perfectly possible that there will be giants, in BA or any of the AU’s!

The great thing about Supernatural is the possibilities are endless for different types of interaction with gt. The show has never had actual giants on it, but it has had a golem (who proceeded to toss Dean about twenty feet through the air), and it has had fairies (the closest we’ve gotten to a gt episode with little gnomes running around making watches aah I love that episode so much).

If you ever have a chance, the show is a ton of fun, but otherwise, the stories will keep coming here, and we do our best so that you never need to see an episode to get into the story.

I’m gonna keep wishing for more gt episodes in the future, but until then the stories shall continue! And if you’re ever craving some giant supernatural gt in the meantime, check these out (slightly more tied into the show than mine are, but I read them all myself before I knew supernatural was a thing and enjoyed them thoroughly):

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