Writing commissions open!


So, if anyone follows me on tumblr, they might have seen that I am currently in a bit of a bind moneywise. My car is having issues, I have a funeral I need to go to next week that’s five states away (we lost my aunt, who was suffering from a tumor for several years now), and I’m having health issues of my own that involve a cardiologist (it’s been super scary and stressful!).

300 words for a $3 ko-fi! If you want a drabble, please visit my page!

Longer commissions are also possible, message me for details on pricing.

What I will write–

– G/t – SPN (preferably together)

– Brothers Apart AU related– naturally these are my babies, and I do love working in all the different AUs. Whether it’s canon or not will be up to me.

– OCs if a full character profile and description is available.

– For characters from shows other than Supernatural, please message me first. I don’t want you wasting your money!

I will do giants, tinies, regular sized! I may be willing to do vore depending on the request. Message me for details.

And if you don’t want a drabble and just want to help, please feel free!

Ko-fi link here!

NO NSFW. This includes sex, nudity and certain levels of gore/violence. Message me if you have questions about it.

NO child abuse. Message me with questions if you have any.

GTS/crush will likely be turned down.

See examples of my work over at @brothersapart!

Please boost if you can!

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