November 9th excerpt:

Before he could retreat more than a hair, Sam darted forward with his own hands, landing them on top of John’s fingertip. “Agreed!” he echoed his older brother.

John’s finger nearly flinched in tandem with Dean’s much smaller hand, but he managed to breathe and keep it still, taking Dean’s cue for when to shake his finger up and down ever so slightly.

His eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped when Sam’s tiny hands joined both of Dean’s.

Sneak peek!

As everyone knows #eotm was guessed at last by @torchmlp​! Epidemic of the Mannequins was inspired by the song Through Glass, by Stone Sour, and reflects a lot of the themes found within. Definitely a must-listen!

“Oh no. Oh shit.”

Sam glanced over, confusion on his face. “Dean, what…?”

Dean leapt into action when he saw Chase shift his weight, and bolt. “Sam, you’ve gotta catch him!” he snapped, his mind switching right over to problem solving mode. “Jacob will just make things worse if he tries to grab Chase.”

“But, what do you…” Sam trailed off as he spotted what Dean had seen far too late.

Jacob, standing directly over Chase after he’d shrunk.

“Just go!” Dean said, pushing Sam towards the edge. It was only a second before Sam had his hook wedged into the edge of the dresser and was dwindling down towards the floor. Dean got his own hook out, preparing himself for the same (if slightly slower) journey, and glared up at Jacob. “Make sure he doesn’t reach the door!”

By the time Dean had his hook wedged and was dropping down to the floor himself, Sam had already touched down and darted after Chase, his longer legs closing the distance.

Jacob’s eyes were wide. Everything had shifted so quickly, and yet he could probably cover the distance Chase had managed to run in one mid-sized step. His best friend was quick, but so small. He ran with the kind of fervor that only came about with blinding terror. One little glance over a tiny shoulder explained it in clear terms.

Chase was terrified of Jacob.

Is anyone else as big a fan of tiny Chase as I am? XD


Artwork by @mogadeer

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May 20th excerpt:

Before Jacob could react, his leg was snagged between two fingers so Dean could peer at the tiny boots. “Where did you manage to get boots your size?” he asked curiously, squinting down at them and realizing he could even see miniscule treads on the bottom.

Jacob, dazed by being picked up so quickly, propped himself up on his elbows and tried to pull his leg free of Dean’s grip. The human had a fascinated look on his face, which was of course very close now that Dean had decided to act on his curiosity. Jacob hadn’t even had time to sputter out a protest before his leg was snared in gigantic fingers.

It felt so ridiculously small compared to Dean’s hands. He could try to scoot himself backwards on Dean’s hand, or maybe even sit himself up more. But it was difficult to have any effect, and Jacob began to wonder if his extra strength was even there at all for a moment.

April 9th excerpt: 

A wood sprite’s eyes were nowhere near as good as a hawks, but Bowman’s bright green eyes were keen as they scanned the next section of the enormous, boxy archive. The many unfamiliar things he could see from his high perch threatened to overwhelm his vision.

He crouched low to avoid being seen, his every nerve on edge at the thought of a massive, unknown human looking up and catching sight of him. He trusted Dean, and he trusted Jacob, but no other giant had earned that trust so far.

April 4th excerpt:

The fingers curled up around them as Dean put his entire hand in the pocket this time, knuckles brushing against the fabric bottom. Sam pushed a finger out of his way and Dean stretched them out, making it easy to slip down and drop to the bottom of the dark surroundings.

Once he was down, he stood and offered Jacob a hand getting down. Before Jacob could reach him, the hand started to lift away out of the pocket, Dean assuming that they were both clear of his hand. Sam didn’t need any more proof of the fact that Dean couldn’t feel Jacob on his hand at all, a concerning thought for them all.

“Dean, wait! " Sam shouted. He leapt forward, snagging a fingertip before it could raise up out of his reach.

March 11th excerpt:

Bowman waited on the porch, unknowingly mirroring Sam as he leaned over to watch Jacob scoot himself carefully to the pocket. He couldn’t see his friend’s expression clearly, though he could vaguely tell he was concentrating on the task at hand. That was probably good; jumping recklessly from that high, even into a cloth pocket, could really injure the tiny hunter.

Bowman suppressed a shiver. It was beyond weird to think of Jacob as tiny. They needed to get him better as soon as possible, because this was all too strange.