May 20th excerpt:

Before Jacob could react, his leg was snagged between two fingers so Dean could peer at the tiny boots. “Where did you manage to get boots your size?” he asked curiously, squinting down at them and realizing he could even see miniscule treads on the bottom.

Jacob, dazed by being picked up so quickly, propped himself up on his elbows and tried to pull his leg free of Dean’s grip. The human had a fascinated look on his face, which was of course very close now that Dean had decided to act on his curiosity. Jacob hadn’t even had time to sputter out a protest before his leg was snared in gigantic fingers.

It felt so ridiculously small compared to Dean’s hands. He could try to scoot himself backwards on Dean’s hand, or maybe even sit himself up more. But it was difficult to have any effect, and Jacob began to wonder if his extra strength was even there at all for a moment.

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