March 4th excerpt:

Once he was certain Sam wouldn’t be tossed off if he moved, Dean leaned in to peer into the sprite home through one of the windows. He instantly caught sight of Jacob, standing just barely taller than Bowman. The kid had backed away from the window, giving Dean the chance to see him from head to toe. It was unreal. Jacob was so small that he could barely catch sight of the tiny metallic zipper on the hoodie.

“Didn’t your parents tell you to take your vitamins?” Dean asked, joking to try and push through the complete weird of the situation. “Hey Jacob.”

December 26th excerpt:

The detective frowned when he caught sight of the line leading from the opened cage to the floor, and the little shadow of what must have been Dean dashing from it.

Ignoring everything else, Sherlock closed the distance between himself and Dean easily, slamming down a hand like a barrier in front of him and scooping him up to eye level.

“What do you think you’re doing??” he demanded, more confused than anything else. Sherlock was not fond of the feeling.

December 17th excerpt:

John couldn’t help but marvel at the amount of detail he was able to see through the small lens, if slightly distorted. The individual spikes of Dean’s hair which swayed as though in time with a breeze; it didn’t take John long to realize that the breeze was his breath, and he made a conscious effort to lessen the gust. Freckles across Dean’s cheeks and stubble on his chin, the tiniest things that John wouldn’t be able to make out ordinarily. Bloodstains on his black shirt, and… John squinted and looked closer, a little thrown by the sight of a necklace resting against Dean’s chest. Even with the magnifier, all he could really make out was an outline of a leather cord and a metallic gleam from a pendant.

“What is that? ” Sherlock piped up, leaning in close again. 

October 7th excerpt:

Oscar watched as Jacob followed suit, standing easily on Dean’s hand. With the three of them all waiting on him, he took some hasty steps forward, but stopped when Dean’s fingertips were right in front of him. Those digits were bigger than he was. Sometimes it was incredible to think that humans could be so big. Then he had to remember that he and people like him were the odd ones. Dean, though he seemed to be kind of huge even for a human, was the normal one in the room.

Oscar took a short, deep breath, hoping the exhale carried some of his trepidation with it. He stepped carefully onto the hand and immediately paused, feeling the skin beneath his shoes in one of the strangest textures he’d ever stood on. The calluses were thick enough that he hardly had any impact on them.

Every step Dean took closer to the table, Jacob felt like his heart beat a little harder. He was frozen to the spot, his hands planted against the glass and his eyes staring straight upwards. He shook at the sight of how imposing Dean was, looming over the table like he did. Jacob almost couldn’t see him past the edge of the bible. It was like Dean was directly above, casting his enormous, oppressive shadow on purpose.

Jacob was useless to do anything. Sam was vulnerable out there. His knife wouldn’t really stop Dean. It might slow him down a little bit, but that was all. At best, they’d have an annoyed giant on their case, and who knew how he’d react to that? Jacob suspected the only reason he was still alive was because he hadn’t done anything to make the hunter think he was hurting anyone.

What would happen if Sam managed to score a good cut with that knife? How quickly might Dean’s mind change? Jacob’s hands shook and he punched once at the glass again, furious and terrified that he’d gotten Sam into this situation.

Trapped, unable to defend himself, while a giant stared down at him.

“You have to run! Y-you gotta at least try! Sam, get out of here before he grabs you!” Jacob insisted, staring at the back of his brother’s head. Willing him to leave, to try to save himself.

Dean’s mind checked out halfway through the desperate, shouted words. Sam.


Artwork by @mogadeer!

After the Hunt

A Brothers Found short story.

It was the light that woke him.

Sam Winchester, cursed to live at four inches in height, was not used to waking up to bright sunlight in his room. For years, he’d lived under the floorboards in the Trails West with his adopted family, staring up at what little light managed to trickle between the floorboards. The dark confines of their home were warm and safe, welcoming for the people who were smaller than a hand.

So opening his eyes to a brightly lit open space was the last thing Sam expected to see.

Looking around the room didn’t clear things up for him. His memories of the night before were still fuzzy and unfocused, mixing up with the varied dreams he’d had. Sam sucked in a gasp of surprise when he saw a massive human lying in a bed only a foot away, peaceful breaths of air drawn into lungs bigger than Sam… or his bed… or even his home.

Sam curled his legs closer, trying to make himself as small as possible while his mind raced. What had happened? He didn’t remember getting caught… at least not since Jacob first got his hands on him.

Then he spotted Jacob lying in the other bed, his face just as relaxed as the other man’s, and the memories came rushing back.

A bit of the tension unwound from Sam’s back. That man lying so close by was Dean. Sam’s determination had lead him and Jacob to the hunter’s doorstep, culminating in a reunion that was long overdue. Sam calmed his breathing and did his best to relax, repeating to himself that he was with his older brother, and Dean would never let anything happen to him.

That fact was clearly underlined by Dean’s reaction to the bruises covering Sam’s torso. It was the outcome of a mistake by Jacob, holding Sam just a little too tight, and the teenager was repentant. He’d helped Sam and driven the cursed man over eight hours to find his older brother, and so Sam had forgiven him.

Dean was a harder sell, especially only seconds after discovering Sam was alive. Sam had prevented Dean from putting more than an impressive bruise on the kid, and had a feeling that if he’d let Dean keep going, Jacob would have been tossed out of the room with no other thanks.

There was a shifting on the bed Dean was sleeping on, and Sam found himself curling more of the blanket– which, when he looked down at what he was sitting on, discovered it to be a black t-shirt– around himself so he didn’t feel so exposed.

Green eyes blinked tiredly open and Sam could swear his neck tingled as they glanced around at the room. It was a full minute before comprehension fell over Dean’s face, and he saw Sam sitting there, arms around his knees and trying his best to hide in plain sight.

“Hey,” Dean said softly. His eyes briefly flicked to Jacob to make sure he was asleep, then back to Sam. “How you feelin,’ pint-size?”

Nerves or not, Sam couldn’t hide a roll of his eyes at the nickname he had a feeling Dean would never give up on. At least, not from the look in his eyes. “I’m fine,” he said, more insistent than he meant to be. A doubtful look crossed Dean’s face, and Sam knew he wasn’t hiding his nerves as well as he thought.

Sam hunched his shoulders. “Just… not used to being out in the open like this,” he said hesitantly. It felt like he was admitting a weakness.

Understanding filled Dean’s eyes, and the hard look that always seemed to be on his face softened. “You fell asleep after the hunt,” he said in an attempt to explain. “I… wasn’t sure where else to… put you.”

The same hesitation filled Dean’s voice, and Sam realized his older brother had no better idea about how they were supposed to handle things than he did. For some reason, that made him feel a little better. He might not know what he was doing, but neither did Dean.

“Maybe…” Dean was scanning the room while he talked. “I’m sure we can find somewhere hidden for you to stay. Y’know… if you wanted to.”

Sam looked into those green eyes, trying to ignore the way they were the size of his head, and saw hope, and fear, and nerves that almost equaled his own. He remembered the night before, when Dean almost didn’t want to believe that Sam was back.

“Of course I want to stick around,” Sam said, his voice so soft that Dean found himself leaning in. Sam twined his fingers together, focusing on them more than the gigantic hunter. “I just… should get my stuff from my home. I didn’t say goodbye to anyone there when we left. Wasn’t… really sure we’d actually find you.”

“Well, you found me,” Dean said, grinning at Sam. After a second of contemplation, he moved his arm and Sam found a hand reaching towards him. He tried to not flinch, but stiffened completely and squinted his eyes shut.

Something large touched the top of his head, then lightly ruffled his hair. Sam opened up his eyes to see Dean’s hand already retreating back to his side and realized it had only been a fingertip.

“You’ll have a hard time losing me, ever again.”

There isn’t a full AU for it, but there was a prompt way back a year ago that I wrote for Dean (It was called Cursed Dean at the time). I probably won’t be able to find the time to do anything more with it, but there’s the possibility of a collaborative AU with neon where Sam is the tall one and Dean is the small one.

Cursed Dean:

Dean’s hand went to his amulet, the memory of his younger brother, big hazel eyes staring hopefully at him as he opened the gift coming back as clear as day. He would never risk taking it off, afraid of losing it to an errant gust of air, or slipping into a crack to vanish forever.

After all, that same brother was now a towering giant, wherever he might be. If he found Dean, he would simply catch his older brother and drop him into a cage. Maybe worse, depending on the way their dad had trained him. Dean would cling to those memories like a lifeboat, knowing he’d never see Sam again.


Those memories would never leave him, but here and now he needed to stay sharp. He came up to the end of the vent, suspended up in the air almost six feet. The design of the motel had never made sense to him, but who was he to question it?

No one would listen to a man that stood under four inches tall.

Dean leaned against the grate, staring out into the immense motel room.

The vertigo hit him, as it always did, but this was more important than his fears or the thought of getting teased because he was afraid of heights. Those eyes, seen so briefly in the room earlier, haunted him. Soft, familiar hazels that forced his mind into the past, to a time before he’d been cursed. So many years ago now… soon he would have lived over half his life under this infernal curse.

At the table below, the man that had checked in earlier was sitting with a dusty old book. One huge hand turned the page with a loud crinkle, smoothing it carefully down. Fluffy brown hair was scattered messily about, in clear need of a good brush. Dean’s hand went to his own hair instinctively, trying to fix his spiky style. Cutting it himself didn’t make it easy, but he persevered.

While Dean was distracted, he accidentally leaned too much of his weight on the grate. With a loud, echoing Creak! the air vent slid shut, sending him to his knees without warning. He slammed into the metal ground with a loud (to his ears) thump.

He froze.

For a long, heart-stopping moment, there was nothing but silence.

Then, it came. The most terrifying sound he could have heard.

A shifting of fabric in the motel room outside indicated the human standing. “Hello?” rumbled a curious voice from outside, making Dean shiver once with worry. The human was tall enough to see into the vent while standing if he wanted to, and if he realized what was hiding from him in there…

Dean didn’t move, simply trying to wait it out. The human would just assume he heard the motel settling, just like anyone else. No reason to check the vent, no way to see Dean in there.

No such luck.

There was a creak from the vent again. The human was moving it. He needed to get out of there, now. If he got caught by such a huge human, the largest he’d ever seen, there would be no hope of escape.

Dean went to run, and fell flat on his back. His satchel! When the grate had closed it had snagged the strap, effectively trapping the small human.

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No worries about spoilers over here! In fact, out of all three of the curse victims we have in our AUs (Dean, Sam and Jacob), Jacob is the slowest.

Compared to the brothers, he has the least experience. He also tends to be more deliberate in his actions, and is the least likely to jump into things without thinking (or looking). He won’t be breaking any of Sam’s records for a long, long time.

Here’s an excerpt with our smol Jacob trying to keep up with his adopted brother Sammy!

When Sam darted towards the table, Jacob was quick to follow. As he ran he took his grappling rope from where he’d propped it on his shoulder and got a solid grip around the hook so it didn’t bounce against him as he ran. He felt his pulse pounding in his hands. The open air yawned above them, but Jacob managed not to gape around at everything as he ran.

Focus. Focus was key.

He stumbled to a stop at the base of the table. Staring straight up, Jacob uncoiled the twine in his hands. He knew without looking that Sam was doing the same with his own grappling line, a fishhook and some clear, sturdy fishing line. Jacob reared back, ready to throw his hook straight into the air, following the example Sam and Walt had set time and time again. At least this was something Jacob had figured out how to do fairly quickly; ever since shrinking, he’d found he was a lot stronger than he’d expect, and throwing something like a small hook up to the table was easy for him.

Of course, getting the hook that high was only half the battle. While Sam’s grappling hook caught on the edge of the table, Jacob’s bounced off it and fell back down. “Fuckdammit,” he swore, gathering up the twine to try again.

Sam was already well ahead of him. Thankfully, the hook caught on the second throw, and Jacob could begin his cautious climb upwards. He was more careful, less sure of himself, so he took more time to squirrel his way up to the table. Jacob always kept his focus on the rope in front of him, praying his grip never wavered.

Sam reached the top of the table in no time, hauling himself over the edge. He did a brief check of how secure the grip of his and Jacob’s hooks were, making sure that Jacob’s wouldn’t slip on him. They’d leave the hooks at the ready for the trip down, or for any emergencies. It was a bad idea to remove their only escape path. Climbing down the legs of the table with nothing more than hands and feet was a dangerous and slow venture, not one to risk if it could be avoided.

He waited by the edge while Jacob made his way to the top, surveying the room from above. Getting such a point of view was rare, and was something that needed to be taken advantage of when possible.

When Jacob reached the top, Sam offered him a hand to help him over the edge. He eyed the immense door at the other end of the room while he did so, narrowing his eyes at the serene sunlight that filtered its way into the room.

August 10th excerpt:

With that settled, Dean knelt down next to Jacob. “Alright pint-size, c’mon,” he said, gesturing. “We’ve got to fix up the Sasquatch before he gets himself into any more trouble.”

Sam stepped onto his outstretched hand, resigned to being checked over for injuries before anything else, and indeed, the first thing that happened was he was lifted up in front of the intense green eyes.

Jacob + Burrow Littles = Disaster

Separating to explore Bobby’s junkyard while Dean was doing maintenance on the Impala was a mistake Sam didn’t realize he had made.

Especially with a literal giant trailing after him like a lost puppy.

“Dude, you don’t have to follow me, okay?” Sam addressed Jacob’s looming figure, suppressing a twitch at the sheer size of the kid. “Seriously you can go do your own thing, it’s pretty safe around here.”

“The hunter-”

“Bobby.” Sam stressed.

“Er, Bobby… he said I had to be near you or Dean at all times.” Jacob smiled sheepishly. “Said he didn’t need me stomping around and accidentally step on something important.”

“Riiiight.” Sam sighed, shaking his head. “You’re fine then, I guess.”

Jacob merely nodded.

Sam attempted to ignore Jacob to the best of his ability, but his senses were running rampant with the feeling of being watched by something large and dangerous. As he wandered through the junkyard, Sam would sneak glances at Jacob to reassure himself of…something.

A low growl pulled Sam into alertness, as he realized he had entered a grassy field with trees beyond the expanse. A faint memory played in his mind of himself and Dean playing in this field and climbing the trees when they were kids.

He glanced around briefly, locating the source of the growl when it sounded again. Rumsfield was standing defensively a few yards away, his teeth bared in a snarl. Sam noted the aggression and began to back away, shocked when Rumsfield advanced at the same time.

Suddenly Rumsfield was hidden between two hands the size of King-sized beds, Sam jumping at the ridiculously quick movement.

He watched in dumbstruck fear and shock as the hands slid across the ground, corralling Rumsfield away from Sam. The soil and grasses were easily displaced by the movement, which made a small section of the ground collapse.

Ice flooded Sam’s veins as he watched tiny things begin crawling out of the collapsed dirt. At first glance they looked like small rodents, then Sam noticed they were standing…on two feet.

Tiny people.

He held up a hand to Jacob, a warning for the kid to keep still, while Sam advanced slowly towards the hill, his mind alight with both concern and curiosity. Careful of his steps Sam bent down, hit body folding down slowly to not startle the tiny beings.

Sam couldn’t help feeling horrible when the small people began running away from him. They think I was the one to destroy their home, he realized.

Jacob was frozen, taking Sam’s command to heart. Rumsfield struggled lightly between his hands but otherwise didn’t make trouble. He was terrified the area of the small collapse of dirt had meant something special to Sam. As he waited in tense silence, he watched Sam slowly approach the area and crouch down.

Something about the whole thing made Jacob’s chest constrict as he stared down at a man that would normally tower a few inches over him. Not to mention the angle and the way the hunter was crouched made him seem even smaller to Jacob.

Sam watched quietly as two bright red-heads separated from the rest of the smaller people, staring up at Sam directly.

“You destroyed our home. Why?” Sam was taken aback by the sheer authority in the quiet, fearful voice of the male of the pair. “Answer me boy.”

Sam blinked a few times before finding his voice. “We didn’t mean too, my friend accidentally shifted a bunch of dirt around which caused the cave-in… is everyone accounted for? I can help clear out your home as an apology…”

“Everyone is accounted for, we don’t need a human’s help.” The red-head girl glared at Sam, with a confidence that shocked him to the core. “Where is your friend? Tell him to leave this area alone, we will have to leave now that our home is destroyed and we don’t need any humans making it difficult.”

Sam nodded mutely, guilt heavy in his stomach as he realized the damage accidentally wrought. He stood up slowly before turning to look up at Jacob.

An odd feeling washed over the hunter as he realized he was playing middle man between a giant and people barely 2 to 3 inches tall.

“Jacob.” Sam waved to catch the kid’s attention. He twitched at Jacob crouched down onto his elbows and knees.

“What’s going on? I-I didn’t break something important did I?” Jacob’s voice was a low whisper, but the words were heavy with guilt.

“There were people living in that hole Jacob, like people the size of me to you, to me! Inches tall, and we accidentally destroyed their home.” Sam sighed. “We need to go back and tell Bobby and Dead to stay clear of here for a while.”

Jacob nodded slowly before the shock rolled in. “Wait tiny people?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah, here.” He lifted his hand in front of Jacob’s face. “See my fingers? That’s about how tall they are.”

Jacob stared at the small digits in fear. They were already smaller than a grain of rice in comparison to him, he couldn’t wrap his mind around an entire person being that small.

And he’d just destroyed their home without even knowing it.

Guilt hit him like a truck as he realized the consequences for his seemingly harmless action. He was just trying to keep Rumsfield from attacking Sam, but now as he let the dog go, he realized Rumsfield was trying to protect the tiny community.

Jacob had never felt more like a monster.