#aol has been guessed! The sneak peek will be posted once I’m on a computer (which will be some time, I’m at work on overtime today).

Remember that we also give out sneak peeks if people guess what’s going to happen in stories!

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Maybe Walt and Mallory managed to rescue Sam, but couldn’t reach Dean in time before the witch turned her attention to him?

Walt and Mallory knew the boys when they were kids, but only for a very short while. Both brothers are across the pond these days, long separated from those fuzzy, distant faces from their childhood.

bftp – Brother (Bonds) from the Past. Jacob and Dean are both cursed, and Sam is not. Are Dean and Jacob at the same motel? I have a hard time believing that Dean would let Jacob out into the room by himself if he considered him a brother, but maybe Jacob learned to ‘bend the rules’ from Dean…? You guys do such an amazing job coming up with all these AUs and storylines. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into it and that you share it with us!

XD You are soooooooo so close to the name. All words right except the first.

B from the Past

Dean certainly wouldn’t go along with any plan to raid a room with a human like that in it, and didn’t. Jacob has something to prove! (And bad timing for when to prove it)

It means the world to hear how much you’re enjoying the stories. We put so much of our souls (and stress) into them during these (torturous) weeks of work! **hugs**

Did Dean pop over into a world of giants somehow? Poor guy, that would leave him without his added strength and Knack for finding stuff that he got when he shrank!

Nah, no giant world for this Dean. He is cursed for sure, though if his circumstances are bad enough he might not even know he has a knack. Plus what good is borrower strength in a cage? He doesn’t even have room to exercise!

But just imagine how dashing a giant Stan would make…


Artwork by @ghostquack!

afin – Dean managed to save Sam from the spell, but Sam didn’t manage to rescue him before John took him away. Dean either manages to escape the hexbag or ran from Walt and Mallory. Either way he tries to ask a human for help, only to end up captured and shipped to England. He didn’t gets his hands on a paperclip, so he meets Stan either as he’s put on sale or kept in a tank by his new owner

Getting closer, but Dean never saved Sam from the curse in this one! Sam is currently MIA, with Dean having only a vague notion of where his brother is.

The rest is approaching the mark. This story is all based on a picture by @wolfie180g that we took and changed a bit to fit our idea of an angsty AU of wtf, and the world they live in isn’t the same as you’ll find in Brothers Consulted. Not by a long shot, especially for people like Dean.