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nightmarejasmine asked:

What are some cute headcannons for Brothers Discovered

Well, we’re not really the ones to give out headcanons, because anything we come up with is most likely to end up canon, since we’ll be the ones writing it! But for cute things… I imagine Sam will get all huffy when it comes time to move (he still hates moving around!) and what is John to do with this kid that just throws himself on his bed and dares them to move him?

Commence Dean throwing himself into the situation, talking about how he’s going to be using Sam’s bed from now on since Sam won’t need it if he’s staying here, and Sam just getting so offended by it.

Does anyone have a headcanon for Brothers Discovered? We’d love to hear what you guys think for these cuties!

This is the last time we’ll be able to share any of our own headcanons, since when we come up with them, they don’t stay headcanons long! But we encourage everyone else to come up with ideas for them!

So I’ve got this head cannon that every story in your different series are connected to each other by Celeste. I think that she can hop through timelines so that, if it looks like she will lose or if she’s defeated, she can always start over with a new(-ish) plan…I may be totally wrong, but that’s my current theory.

Lol! It’s not far off from what’s really going on…

I don’t have her directly hopping from AU to AU, but she does have an awareness of her other selves in the other universes, part of her abilities as an archangel. She considers them all a part of her, so to offend one is to offend them all. You can see this most in Brothers Asunder right now, where she rips Sam away from his family in as complete a way as possible, throwing him into the distant Wellwood forest as punishment for what other Sam and Deans have done.

( excerpt from Sam of Wellwood )

Also if you kill one Celeste, the others remain untouched.

Quote: Do you know how many times this same story has played out? Sometimes John saves you, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes that little thorn, Walt, interferes. Sometimes he doesn’t. But you know my favorite part? The fact that you two little dears just never figure me out. Bumbling around, saving people, hunting things. You can’t see past what’s right in front of your faces. You’re mine. And you always will be.

Artwork by @thefriendlypigeon

I like to headcanon that there’s SOME au where the bros meet Oscar without scaring or grabbing him. Though I do love their meeting scenes, grabbiness and all…

I would say an AU where Sam finds him first, but @neonthewrite did one like that, and Sam definitely grabbed first, checked later.

That poor smol might be fated to always be nabbed by the bros.

(Neon – It’s kind of become a running gag that Oscar gets grabbed by Dean in every story from Food and Monsters, as well. I always work it in that somehow, Dean will yoink the little guy.)

Dean being a climbing wall is always fun, so why not have Sam and Jacob race to see who can get to a shoulder first? (and perhaps Dean “cheats” and gives Jacob a boost so he can beat Sam, who we all know can climb faster.)

Dean is so amused by them when they climb up him, and he can’t miss out on a chance to tease Sam…

Sam might figure it out since Jacob has never been so oddly fast, sucks at lying, and Dean looks smug…


I currently can’t talk… like, at all, it hurts too much, and I’m at home after going to get my throat xrayed. If anyone has headcannons for any of the AUs, send them in! I could use something cute to focus on (please let this tea help the pain since I’m stuck playing the waiting game to know my results).

I’m gonna go through the last few headcanon asks we got in, and probably hit up the Nyquil, so the blog will likely go silent very soon (all tonight’s asks were done by @nightmares06 in her gloom). 

Feel free to keep sending them in and I’ll peek in the morning!