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nightmarejasmine asked:

What are some cute headcannons for Brothers Discovered

Well, we’re not really the ones to give out headcanons, because anything we come up with is most likely to end up canon, since we’ll be the ones writing it! But for cute things… I imagine Sam will get all huffy when it comes time to move (he still hates moving around!) and what is John to do with this kid that just throws himself on his bed and dares them to move him?

Commence Dean throwing himself into the situation, talking about how he’s going to be using Sam’s bed from now on since Sam won’t need it if he’s staying here, and Sam just getting so offended by it.

Does anyone have a headcanon for Brothers Discovered? We’d love to hear what you guys think for these cuties!

This is the last time we’ll be able to share any of our own headcanons, since when we come up with them, they don’t stay headcanons long! But we encourage everyone else to come up with ideas for them!

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