May 28th excerpt:

“I wouldn’t call it short,” Dean said easily. “I’d say you’re just size-deficient.” He planted the tip of his index finger on Jacob’s chest and gently pushed him back towards the tape measure. He wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Based on the way Jacob was fighting against it, there wouldn’t be many chances to get his sizes for future clothing when Dean managed to find a store that sold more than just cheap barbie clothes. Maybe he’d get lucky and find a store geared just towards dolls. It might be more expensive but it would be worth it.

At the sight of Jacob’s exasperated struggles, Dean let out a small sigh and took slight pity on him. “Okay, how about this. I don’t even have to tell you how tall you are.”

May 27th excerpt:

Dean lifted up the measuring tape and dangled it close to Jacob. “It’ll only take a second.”

Jacob made a flat look at the tape measure, and at the notepad Dean had dragged closer. “No thanks,” he answered, sidling away from both pointedly. He had a feeling that the number, no matter how close or far it was from his estimation, wouldn’t be very encouraging at all. He was still small enough for Dean to drop in a pocket. “I already know I’m not winning any height contests here, so there’s no need.”

That’s an easy one 😉

Jacob in Brothers Lost is eighteen years old, only a few months from turning nineteen. In both Brothers Found and Brothers Adopted, he’s seventeen, putting him shorter than Sam and Dean both. So, give him a little time, and Sam and Dean will both be looking up to him! (And Dean will be complaining all the way)

He just needs a little more time to get to his full height.

Adult Oscar at his tallest is only three and a quarter inches tall. He really wanted to reach three and a half (is that so much to ask?), but he didn’t quite make it, the poor little guy!

Putting that in human scale, he’d be just over five feet and one inch. Such a little guy, he’d be a foot shorter than Dean! Sam can basically use him as an armrest.

I ended up having it easier than @neonthewrite in my calculations, which is good since at first I just went “Four inches sounds perfect!”

Sam is 6′4″ tall, making him 76 inches tall. 76/4=19.

So our scale is 1:19.

Dean is 6′1″ tall, so taking his 73 inches into account and dividing by 19 makes him only 3.84 inches tall, and our shortest character in the BL crew to his chagrin.

In the opposite direction, Jacob is 6′5″ tall, so 77 inches multiplied 19 times over makes him 1463 inches tall as a giant, or about 122 feet tall! It’ll take a lot of food to keep him fed!

I went to school for physics and sometimes that bachelor degree in science comes in useful. Not as often as I’d like, but I do enjoy a little math fun from time to time.

For @neonthewrite, her Bowman stands 6′2″ tall if he was human-sized, which gives her an awkward scale of 1:18.5, so the numbers aren’t as pretty to work with but you can still figure it out. Sam might look the same height as Bowman while they’re standing together, but he’s technically taller.

Sam would be so tall he actually gets to see slightly above how tall he’d be as a regular guy! If Dean’s shifting around at all, he might end up clinging to that spike of hair Dean’s so proud of, and complaining.

And Dean would let him, because Sam’s earned this and deserves to be tall, dammit.

Fun fact – tiny Sam standing on regular Dean’s head would be just as tall as Jacob when he’s full grown.

BT Dean height

I think BT Dean being taller than canon Dean would make sense honestly now that it’s mentioned, since lack of good nutrition/ food really does stunt growth. So now that Dean doesn’t have to sacrifice nearly as much for Sam, maybe he would grow that extra inch or two.

The difference between Brothers Together and Brothers Apart will be that Sam will actually be growing up with Dean. So instead of going from one extreme to the other like in the original story, it’s going to happen gradually. Sam will adjust as they both grow and it’ll feel normal to him to see Dean at his adult size by the time they get there. In this AU they’re going to be more adjusted to each other than they are in BA from the start.