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How does the dynamic of Big Sam/Smol Dean interact with people like Bowman, Jacob, or Nixie?

Lol, these two will be a fun pair once they grow up!

Sam tends to be a bit more hands-off with smols compared to BA Dean. He’s far less likely to just grab, unless they’re a possible threat (he hasn’t dealt with any winged smols, so they’ll get nabbed).

Meanwhile, smol Dean is hyper and very likely to pounce on a stranger, he wants to know where they came from and why they’re here, and they better not be getting into his stuff!

Dean’s had a few less savory experiences with borrowers by the time he’s grown in that AU. People just keep mistaking him as Sam’s pet and trying to ‘save’ him! He’s quite happy sticking with his little brother. Who else is supposed to take care of the kid?

If Jacob’s human-sized, it all depends on how they meet. Dean is still as stab-happy as ever if he gets grabbed, but he’s also conditioned to interacting with humans more than borrowers, so he’s not going to be put off by the kid’s size. He grew up with a Sasquatch, after all.

How do the interactions differ between smol Sam/human Dean and smol Dean/human Sam?

Starting with smol Sam and human Dean, Dean tends to be grabby but not casual, he’ll pick Sam up but only if it’s necessary. He’s more likely to let Sam get up on his own and tries to give him complete independence. Sam occasionally bosses Dean around, but it’s not often and he mostly leaves Dean to it.

With smol Dean and human Sam, the interactions are much more casual. Sam will poke and nudge, pluck Dean up and plop him on his shoulder. Dean will get used to getting moved around, and scolds Sam if he was busy. Dean will also be extremely bossy, making sure his giant little brother knows just who’s in charge, no matter how often Sam teases him by picking him right up in the middle of a tirade.

They’re an interesting crew, to be sure.

February 23rd excerpt:

Just like with Sam’s pocket, Stan became all too aware of the human he was riding. The push of a pulse through thick skin as Stan’s shoulder leaned instinctively against the semi-solid surface, hearing each breath in and out of the giant and feeling the slight rise and fall of his shoulders in time with them.

The main difference, however, was that he could see. Rather than being shut up in the dark, Stan could see almost everything Dean could. Probably more, he mused as he whipped his head around to get a load of the rest of the motel room from the height of a seated human. He wasn’t even up that high, and yet he could see how all those massive structures the humans used as furniture looked to them. Smaller, manageable, and befitting someone that size.

February 11th excerpt:

The laptop got placed in front of the covers, and Sam slid Stan into the top of the pillow pile, then sat on the last remaining pillow next to them. “Have at it,” he said, dropping the remote controller next to Stan and pulling the laptop closer.

Stan blinked owlishly at the huge device put in front of him, a little overwhelmed by the sight of it. It was easily twice Stan’s height in length, likely more, and covered in buttons of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of the buttons had numbers on them, but he still couldn’t figure out what they were for.

“Um… Sorry, what do I do with this?” He turned sheepishly to Sam, completely lost.

December 13th excerpt:

To say that Lestrade was bemused by all this would be an understatement. Now he was holding up two fingers. Evidently he couldn’t lift his middle finger as high as Dean wanted it independently, so the first one hovered just behind and above Dean. And while Lestrade was far from matching Dean’s level of drunk, his own whiskeys encouraged him to have a little fun.

Lestrade let his index finger curl in to gently settle on Dean’s head, mussing the teeny spike he’d styled it into.


Artwork by @mogadeer!

December 2nd excerpt:

Dean stuck his lip out in what almost looked like a pout, rebellious at the way Sherlock made sense as he talked about Dean interacting with a new human.

“If I do this,” Dean said, refusing to give in completely, “if, you better make sure he doesn’t get any ideas about grabbing me. This size might have its perks when you need to get into small spaces, but it comes with a whole mountain of disadvantages I’d rather be without. If you agree that you’ll keep him under control… I’ll do it. If only because I doubt we’ll be sneakin’ me into any more crime scenes after today otherwise.”

Of all things, being left out of Sherlock’s detective work sounded like the worse of the options.

November 21st excerpt:

Rather than taking the pen and letting Dean carry on, the great pale hand reached out just a little further, knocking the smaller man off his feet and into Sherlock’s palm. Long fingers curled around Dean and the pen, lifting them both up to join him on the couch.

His grip was loose, far from crushing his passengers together, and it loosened even further as Sherlock tucked the hand under his chin, let his other hand fold lazily over it, and went back to thinking.

Lol, if anyone tried tapping, they’d have a very miffed little Dean to answer to! Someone would have to chase away onlookers to scatter them and give the smols privacy.

I was thinking of something like little tables at the center of each table, then something similar on the raised portion of the bar, giving the smols their own separate yet still integrated places to stay. The trickster surely won’t have a problem serving them drinks! (May they never figure out who he is)

I think random characters from the AUs (the field borrowers, the Watches, Moira and others) would drift in and out of the room, while the main characters of the stories would be there all the time unless they have their story going. I’m sure Walt would enjoy a drinking game or two!

March 5th excerpt:

Jacob nodded, still amazed at the volume of Dean’s voice. Just talking casually, and probably at a lower volume than usual, Dean was loud enough that Jacob could almost feel the floor vibrate under his shoes. It was amazing, but a little overwhelming. He knew he’d have to get over that, and soon, but damn. There wasn’t an instruction manual for being small.

March 4th excerpt:

Once he was certain Sam wouldn’t be tossed off if he moved, Dean leaned in to peer into the sprite home through one of the windows. He instantly caught sight of Jacob, standing just barely taller than Bowman. The kid had backed away from the window, giving Dean the chance to see him from head to toe. It was unreal. Jacob was so small that he could barely catch sight of the tiny metallic zipper on the hoodie.

“Didn’t your parents tell you to take your vitamins?” Dean asked, joking to try and push through the complete weird of the situation. “Hey Jacob.”