January 19th excerpt:

Glancing surreptitiously around the corner of the library he’d squirreled himself away in, Sam flicked his wrist, snapping his knife into his hand. With a quick motion, he flipped it open and pried off the little plastic strip that would set off the alarms in the library, securing it to a book on fae he had placed to the side. When he left, a certain book would be coming with him, their best lead so far on Stan’s past. A children’s book.

Stan gave a small start as a knife suddenly appeared in Sam’s hand, with a blade longer than he was tall. That was the last thing he expected to happen, but he reminded himself that he was with hunters now. Though he didn’t know their ways just yet, Stan had a pretty good idea of their love of weapons. His glimpse into the trunk the night before had been proof enough of that.

July 31st excerpt:

With that said, he finally slid the last length down to Dean’s hand. Giant, Jacob-sized fingers were curled up, creating a net for him to land safely in. Jacob wasted no time lifting the cuff of Dean’s sleeve as much as he could. Part of it was held down by the ropes.

“Aha!” he said triumphantly, practically diving into the sleeve. There was a blade tucked in between the shirt and jacket, just like Jacob thought. He grabbed the dull edge with both hands and planted his tiny boots on Dean’s wrist to give the hidden weapon a tug. It would be three quarters of Jacob’s length, perfect for sawing at the bindings.

The blade was big, but it was made to slide free with just a flick from Dean’s wrist, making it easy for Jacob to pull it out. The slight tickle against his wrist made Dean twitch under Jacob’s boots, but he didn’t rouse. There was only some slight flexing of those massive fingers before they relaxed.

June 24th excerpt:

“You okay?” John called softly, opening the door a crack to peer in at the small person within.

Caught off guard by the unexpected flood of light, Dean stumbled to his feet, one arm half-raised in defense with his other hand diving for his knife. Years of instincts developed from his current size had combined with the wariness he’d learned from his father, putting him constantly on edge and ready to act at a moment’s notice.

Realizing who was there, Dean’s eyes narrowed and he felt the tension leave his back. It was just John, and he meant well, despite how startling he could be.

Bowman Lost Excerpt


The giant’s mouth twitched. “This knife isn’t for you, little guy,” he said gently. “It’s for the strings. I don’t wanna try untying anything and pinching you.”

With the explanation, the giant decided to move again regardless of what Bowman had to say about it. The knife closed in, and Bowman wriggled like a worm to try to keep away from it. It was in vain. The thumb resting over him was more than enough to immobilize his chest, and the rest of him was hindered by the tangled ropes. He couldn’t avoid it.

Bowman Lost Excerpt


Bowman heard the sounds of things clattering together, but they didn’t sound like anything he recognized. Finally, after an age, the hand opened and allowed the sunlight to fall on Bowman and the breeze to cool him after his long time stuck.

There was a knife in the giant’s other hand.

Bowman released a cry of horror and moved to roll himself over on the hand, give himself a chance to crawl away and escape.

Sam has a knife he can use to cut his hair. It’s perhaps not as precise as scissors, but he keeps it sharpened and it gets the job done. For the most part, he doesn’t cut his hair often, merely keeping it straight as it grows out.

Others will find sharpened scraps of metal to use if they live near humans. Those that live out in the wilderness often let their hair grow wild, or can use sharpened stones to cut it if it begins to get in their way, a problem while trying to survive.

August 5th excerpt:

“Goddammit! ” Dean cursed at the sight of Jacob and Sam both bloodied. It was over with so fast, he’d barely realized what was happening before the man was slicing down on Jacob’s arm.

Where Sam was.

Forgetting about the sprites and the plan to lie low until Bowman and Jacob were free, Dean yanked out his own knife, the matching brother to Sam’s, ready to charge in.


Spritely Sam

Everyone’s been wondering what Sam Winchester, a knight of Wellwood looks like, so here he is!


Sam’s clothing in Brothers Asunder is all sprite made (with a few differences, seeing as he doesn’t have to accommodate wings). Generally, that means soft, earthy-colored cotton clothes of simple design. His shirts would mostly be simple brown or green garments – sprites don’t do buttons.

His pants are sturdy and breathable, and some are decorated with vine-like patterns at the side seams. They are tucked into knee-high boots. The boots lace up at the front and are more supple than heavy, lending themselves perfectly to dexterous movement.

Sam wears a long-sleeved jacket cut to about mid-thigh. It is, like most sprite garments, simple in design, lacking a lapel or even anything to fasten it shut. The grass-green jacket with elegant patterning at the hem is the uniform for a Knight of Wellwood. Most of the knights’ jackets have slits up the back for their wings but Sam’s does not need them. Even so, he wears his sword belt around the jacket like they do.

He’s made some minor modifications to his jacket. Among these are a hidden inner pocket for his quintessential knife, made for him by Dean before he was cursed and thus one of his most cherished possessions. Sam is the only knight who carries a knife in addition to the rapiers they all carry.

Spritely Sam commissioned from @creatorofuniverses!

January 14th excerpt:

At least he could see his duffel and his bloodied dagger sitting on the edge of the table. Those would be recoverable, if there was a way out of this no-win situation he’d found himself in. Kirk managed it, Dean reminded himself, fear summoning up memories of old science fiction, of all things.

Nothing’s impossible.