I’m so excited for Dean of Nowhere!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this reunion for such a long time!! So, since I’m rereading Sam of Wellwood, I have to ask…what exactly is the process to become a knight of Wellwood? Or a patrol sprite, too?

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Patrol is definitely the easier job to get in Wellwood. Pretty much all they need to do is show they can fly a patrol route and report anything out of the ordinary they might see while they’re out. This includes odd behavior from animals (including non-predators), bad weather approaching, damage to the forest, and potential dangers moving closer. This way a proper course of action can be planned out before something is right at the village. If the area needs extra help from the sprites, they can figure out who needs to go on an expedition (for example, setting up a group to go and help some sick trees).

Becoming a knight is a bit more involved. They have to be training all the time, and ready at the drop of a leaf to rush out in defense of the village. It’s not a job for the lax. In a pacifist society, the knights also have to accept that they will likely end up hurting something to defend the village. Not everyone has the mental fortitude to do that, especially when there’s not really an option to hold back.

If they have the right drive for it, though, the knight(s) in charge will take them onto the team, and oversee their training. They get practice weapons until they’re proficient with the movements they need, and if they impress the bosses then they can earn a sword of their own out of the armory. Then, they’re a knight dedicated to protecting the village, no matter what it takes.

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You’ve earned everyone a look at Bobby of Far Away!

And… it’s not the Bobby people adore.

“We were helping you! ” Sam snapped angrily up at the human. “Why the hell would you do this?!”

Scar wavered, with his legs only caught from just above the knees and down. He glared in surprise at the human, but cursed himself for his mistake even as the giant stared in smug triumph at him. He’d miscalculated and made a dangerous error in taking his focus off the enemy for even a second. He should have known better.

But this Bobby acted like no foe Scar had ever encountered before. The attack had hurt him, but he didn’t care.

“I’m doing it because it’s my land and I’ve been looking for sprites for forever?!” Bobby answered, exasperated and clearly annoyed that he even bothered to explain at all. It was clear on his face that it was a waste of time. “Now shuddup, would ya? This is a big deal.” He held Scar up at his eye level, watching the lean little guy try to stay upright while also trying to tug his legs free. It was futile, of course. He was way too weak.

“Blast it, you child,” Scar hissed. “Let go of us both now!” he demanded.

Bobby, of course, ignored him. Instead, he raised his other hand, the one still clamped around Sam. After adjusting his grip a little, he was able to pinch one of the fluttering, leafy wings in his thumb and first finger to stretch it out and look at it in the dying light.

“Owning land doesn’t mean you own people,” Sam snapped up at the human. When Bobby’s grip shifted around him, he managed to pull out an arm and try to shove against the hand he was trapped in. He couldn’t gain any traction at all. He might be stronger than a sprite but that meant almost nothing compared to a human of any size. Bobby was younger than him, and he was as inconsequential as a toy in those huge fingers as they shifted around him to examine the sprite.

“Leave his wings alone!” Sam shouted, punching in frustration against the knuckle he was closest to. He shoved his boots against the skin they were trapped within, wishing they had sharper heels to use as weapons.

“Nope,” Bobby shot back absently, even while he forced the wing into different angles to see how it moved. Scar winced and continued to struggle against him, but the movements were subdued with one wing stretched out. He couldn’t risk twisting at the wrong angle and damaging his wing.

Why? ” Scar spat. “What are you planning?”

Hah, it’s true! The wood sprites of Wellwood are all vegetarians. Interestingly enough, when Sam arrived, one of the first things the sprites did was see what their Archives had on humans. They discovered there that humans do eat meat, and then came an unbearably awkward conversation with Sam. It was hard to figure out how to bring it up with him, but it was kind of important that they know … would a human eat a sprite? And did they need to figure out a way to get meat for him, or could he survive without it?

Thankfully they could smooth that over after many perplexed looks and probably lots of cringing.

Sam grew up with a sprite diet, since it would be hard for them to get meat for him. It worked out well, because the food was all extremely healthy and helped him grow into a strong young knight!

April 21st excerpt:

Sam snarled, his calm countenance dropping away as though it never existed. With no other options open to him, he seized the moment to do what he’d hoped he would never have to do.

The young knight sprinted for the edge of the desk.

But he wasn’t trying to escape.

April 9th excerpt:

Scar was practically a legend

For years after Sam’s rescue, he’d looked up to the noble sprite. Without Scar, Sam would be nothing more than a memory. The sprite had seen his dedication and his curiosity about the knights and everything about them… the way they defended the village, the rapiers and uniforms they wore… and had decided to take Sam under his wing and mentor him. Even as Sam had passed Scar in height, he continued to look up to him.

Spritely Sam

Everyone’s been wondering what Sam Winchester, a knight of Wellwood looks like, so here he is!


Sam’s clothing in Brothers Asunder is all sprite made (with a few differences, seeing as he doesn’t have to accommodate wings). Generally, that means soft, earthy-colored cotton clothes of simple design. His shirts would mostly be simple brown or green garments – sprites don’t do buttons.

His pants are sturdy and breathable, and some are decorated with vine-like patterns at the side seams. They are tucked into knee-high boots. The boots lace up at the front and are more supple than heavy, lending themselves perfectly to dexterous movement.

Sam wears a long-sleeved jacket cut to about mid-thigh. It is, like most sprite garments, simple in design, lacking a lapel or even anything to fasten it shut. The grass-green jacket with elegant patterning at the hem is the uniform for a Knight of Wellwood. Most of the knights’ jackets have slits up the back for their wings but Sam’s does not need them. Even so, he wears his sword belt around the jacket like they do.

He’s made some minor modifications to his jacket. Among these are a hidden inner pocket for his quintessential knife, made for him by Dean before he was cursed and thus one of his most cherished possessions. Sam is the only knight who carries a knife in addition to the rapiers they all carry.

Spritely Sam commissioned from @creatorofuniverses!