Inktober 6 2017 Dean goes to war with a hand


This is my Inktober entry for October 6th

It is a commissioned work series for Nightmares06 that I will color in properly when I have the time! 🙂

I am still taking requests for sketches for Supernatural G/t or for the boy’s portraits so long as I get a reference photo or cute idea that doesn’t require a day to draw lol ;P
Like a free commission! or art trade if you want !

Inktober 6 2017 Dean goes to war with a hand

I spent an hour trying to get an accurate map of the Trails West Inn(?) for reference purposes for the artists and writers that would like to do things for your AU, also please feel free to point out any mistakes if you notice them! (The lines extended beyond the walls are where I remember there being potential entrances! And the square beyond the walls on the far left is the window with an AC underneath.)