You are a guessing expert! Four titles correctly sussed out, bringing everyone a sneak peek of a very carefully-concealed secret from A Time to Heal!

Before he even made it up the steps, the door was opened by Mrs. Andris (she’d married and was technically Mrs. Ellison now, but had been Andris for so long that Chase hadn’t yet gotten used to the change; she didn’t mind).

“Chase! So glad to see you. Jacob just got back a little bit ago, he headed up to his room,” she said, drawing him into a hug as he walked in.

“Really? I didn’t see his car, I figured I might have to wait…” Chase replied, glancing out to the street again.

“Oh, he’s driving that big black car now,” Mariana said, her eyebrows shooting up conspiratorially.

Chase’s followed suit when he spotted the shining black car, a metal behemoth with a classic shape and what looked like a lot of power in it. It certainly suited Jacob well enough, but Chase had to wonder. Jacob wasn’t rolling in money; it wasn’t in his nature. “Where did he get that?! ”

Mariana rolled her eyes. “Oh, he got work restoring cars last month. I even called the guy to confirm, he’s letting him drive it around. Didn’t want it to just sit, I guess.”

“Holy shi– crap. Holy crap,” Chase said, a sheepish look coming onto his face while Mariana raised an eyebrow pointedly at him. “Well, I guess I better go give him a hard time about that,” he said, nodding towards the stairs.

She forgave his near-slip and nodded. “I bet he’ll be glad to see you,” she told him with a smile before softly padding back into the front living room where she’d been at work at a desk in the corner.

Chase had his hand on the banister and one foot on the bottom step when he happened to glance at the archway leading into the kitchen. Nothing seemed out of place, so the barest movement caught his eye, so slight he almost thought he imagined it. Chase’s eyes zeroed in on the appliances all the same, or rather, what he thought he saw moving behind them.

Was that … a leather jacket?

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However it happened, you earned a sneak peek of A World of Secrets! Which Jacob and his family just stumbled into!

If Sam could inch away from the two giants the pocket concealed him from, he would. The stern tone of voice Jacob’s mom had taken on was very familiar, and Sam couldn’t stifle an involuntary yelp of surprise. He heard it from his dad almost constantly. Dean was the patient teacher, John was the stern drill sergeant.

They were mad.

Sam put a hand on the hilt of his knife, drawing strength from the gift Dean had given him. Please don’t hurt me.

Jacob heard Sam’s quiet noise, and thought back to moments ago when the other kid worried Jacob’s parents would be mad at him. He was scared of them. Telling mama and papa about him would be breaking a promise and would probably make him cry. Jacob didn’t want to do either of those things.

He also didn’t want to keep lying. He was supposed to listen to them when they told him to do something. Jacob’s toy trucks fell to the floor and he pressed his hands against the wall behind him while the conflict practically dug into him. What was he to do?

“I don’ … don’t wanna be mean,” he finally murmured lamely, hanging his head but still peeking at his mother and father. His mouth was angled in a frown and his eyes stung.

“Hey, Jake, kiddo,” his father said quietly, stepping around his wife with care that didn’t seem to fit his huge frame. He stooped and braced his hands on his knees, peering at him with a serious but kind look. “You’re not in trouble, okay? I don’t know what got you so worried, but we do need to know if you’re hiding something from us, especially if it’s alive. Okay?”

Jacob stuck out his lower lip in a pout while he let his father’s low rumble of a voice sink in. He knew they would come and check his pockets if he didn’t give in. He thought he might have a chance at avoiding some trouble if he complied, and after a second his hands moved hesitantly to his pocket where he knew Sam was curled up in fear.

Now my new friend is gonna hate me, he thought sadly as he reached into the pocket and scooped his fingers under the small form to lift him out.

This is one of my favorite AUs!

Dean made his way downstairs, using the passages that he’d learned during the last few weeks while Sam was recovering. One day, he’d help his little brother learn those same passages, just like the way he’d helped Sam learn at the Trails West. This house was a new maze that they needed to learn.

The feeling on the back of his neck grew stronger as he reached the ground floor. Dean slipped out of the walls when the tingle was as powerful as it ever was. He was close.

A cabinet stretched up along the wall a few feet away, and he had to frown. There was no way a guy like Jacob would fit under that, yet the sense that told Dean where the necklace was pointed him right at it.

Caution in every pore, Dean darted across the wood flooring, hoping his brief time in the open wouldn’t get him spotted. He held a hand over his knife in his leather jacket, ready for anything. He couldn’t afford to be spotted by Mariana, and without Sam backing him up he had no advance warning.

The crack between the wall and the cabinet was dark and welcoming. He slid inside like it was natural, frowning at the sight of something huddled in the center. Had Jacob lost his necklace? How had it possibly ended up this far underneath the cabinet? Dean would have to grab it to get it back to the kid, there was no way they’d let him lose it…

His thought process trailed off as he realized what he was looking at, and he skid to a halt.

It wasn’t a necklace.

The thing about Jacob is he always seems to have a Grab First reaction. Wee kiddo Jacob is not that different, though luckily for little Sam he’s not a rough child by nature. In fact he’s much more likely to hug than to be mean. He doesn’t like to see people upset, and hugs are a good solution, right?

His parents just want to take care of their kid. They don’t have any expectations of a very tiny kiddo showing up in their room, but they’re both nice people. Even if Nicholas Andris is HUGE, Sam doesn’t need to be scared of him.

Of course, poor Sam won’t know any of this when he first encounters them!

Jacob paused, noticing the tiny voice at the edge of hearing. He couldn’t tell if his papa heard it too, but he was still looking at him expectantly. Behind him, Jacob could see his mama leaning to watch curiously. He pursed his lips and clutched his toy trucks closer while he rapidly processed the situation to determine if they suspected something.

“Uh uh,” he said, squirming away from his Dad’s hand to walk hurriedly around the second bed. “I’m only playing trucks today, see?” He held up the trucks to display them even as he sidled into the narrow space between the bed and the wall.

His mama raised an eyebrow at him. “Jacob, are you telling the truth? You know you’re not supposed to lie.”

“I am! I’m just playing trucks!” he insisted.

His father stood up with a quiet creak of his joints as they hoisted all of his huge body up. His mama stood again and walked around her tall husband to stand at the foot of the second bed and look appraisingly at Jacob and his pocket.

“Jacob,” his papa said gently. “Did I hear something? Do you have a mouse trapped in your pocket?” His deep voice was kind, patient with the boy, but also stern.

His mama was in charge of the really stern looks, and Jacob inched away from her even more as she leveled one on him. “Jacob Nicholas Andris, you tell us the truth right now or I’m going to come and check your pockets myself.”

Doing Good, Kiddo?


Jacob Andris – Fragile. 

From this post.

Reading Time: ~10 Minutes

Jacob Andris at 8 years old. Content Warning: Ailing family member

“Jacob, baby, you can come in the room if you want. He’s awake and we can all talk for a while.” Jacob looked up from his waiting room seat to see his mother’s tired face peeking out of the thick hospital door. The bags under her eyes had become a constant feature of her face, and her curls were always untucked from her hasty ponytails lately.

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Since Jacob’s only four-going-on-five years old, there’s a steep chance that if he tries to hide Sam (Jacob, who is the worst liar around when he’s seventeen, trying to keep a secret from his parents at four), they will find him. So we will be finding out exactly how they’ll react during the story. And for anyone who knows Jacob and is familiar with his story, this is the first chance to learn more about his father.