2020 Contest Entries

Note: This will be updated as more entries are submitted, please check back.

If anyone is making an entry and needs more time, please let me know! I will happily extend the deadline if needed.

The Switch

Written by Sapphirelink

The trickster is up to some new tricks, but even his plan gets foiled when his attempts to switch the giant’s partner with a different tiny doesn’t go how he plans…


The Bottom of the Food Chain

Written by RandomArtHQ

A story that throws together two different lore sets!


Brothers Torn Apart

Written by besok

Dean dies when Celeste attacks…

Archive of Our Own

Brothers Protected

Written by NightmareJasmine

It’s based of Brothers Asunder! But more Dean!

Archive of Our Own

2019 Contest entries

Note: This will be updated as more entries are submitted, please check back.

If anyone is making an entry and needs more time, please let me know! I will happily extend the deadline if needed.

Brothers Apart by fujonosamy

Contest entry by jayadawnyvonne

Research by jayadawnyvonne
Noonia verses Dragon!Dean by wolfie180g

Theo thy mighty steed! (Featuring Theo from Jacob in Wonderland) by random-dragon-jtk

My Brother…? by catstache87

Zaylee by Zaylees (more pictures in link)

Memories by Iamme

You’re With Me Now, and You’re Safe by torchmlp

Ice Cream and Silver Bullets

Written by @neonwrite

Bobby knows something’s up when Oscar doesn’t show up for a meal, and it’s time to call up Sam and Dean Winchester to find out what happened to their small friend and why he’s missing!


Nightmare Promises

Written by PrincessxHeartless

A fun look at Dean, being a great big brother!



Written by CatSparr

Dean and Sam are on a hunt again, this time cleaning up after someone else supposedly finished off a nest of vampires. A mysterious entity requires entertainment. Coincidentally, they meet.

Archive of Our Own

It Don’t End in Blood

Written by ThePoisonLily

When Sam Winchester was ten years old, he had a run-in with a witch that turned changed his life forever. Now, trapped at mere inches in height, Sam has been kidnapped by a hunter who inadvertently brought him in contact with the only people who might be able to save him. How will the Harvelle hunters handle this turn of events?

Archive of Our Own

Where’s the Pie?

Written by indigomasquerade97

My entry into the 2019 Brothers Apart contest. Just a little one shot with two of my favorite OCs.


Current Sneak Peeks

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Brothers Apart 

For Science
Why are you sprite-sized?!
Squeaklock Holmes
Barry and Xander, born trouble

Brothers Found

Clash of the Hunters
The Trials of Logan

Brothers Lost

There’s No Place Like Home
A Time to Heal
The Search
It’s a Tall World After All
Epidemic of the Mannequins
A lot of popcorn for one little guy
Wayward Sons
Bowman Lost
Kicking the walls down
Shadows on the Wall
Regarding Jacob 

Brothers Consulted

A Burglary at Baker Street
An Ice Pack for a Borrower
Little Sister
Mycroft and Lestrade
Did someone say ‘helicopter?’  
Agent Stan Baker
Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts
A Day of Duality
The Heart of a Wolf

Brothers Chosen

Stan the Borrower?! 
Lucky the Leprechaun
A Drunk Giant 
Not a Pet
Live and Let Die
Avenue of Life

Brothers Discovered 

Two Lost Children
Don’t Take Him
Any Port in a Storm

Brothers Adopted

The Enemy of My Enemy
A Wild Bowman Appears!

Brothers Asunder

Dean of Nowhere
Bobby of Far Away
Dean of Wellwood  

Brothers Unexpected

The Parents
A World of Secrets
An Unexpected Visitor
The other half
Don’t hurt me
John meets Oscar
A Place for Oz
Sam and Nicholas

Brothers Divided

Brothers Split
Road Trip
Bouncing Jacob

Far From Home

Brothers United

One little Oz
M&Ms and Lucky Charms
Between the Brothers

Brothers Saved

The Fight

Brothers Kept

The Odd-Borrower-Out
A Friend in Need

Brothers Remembered

The One that was Left Behind
Blast from the Past
Scolding the Giant
Jacob’s in Trouble

Brothers Grounded

To Wellwood!

Non-Brothers Apart

A giant on the loose
I’m the giant
Bigfoot’s a Hoax
Jacob’s new friend

Unknown AUs

Chase, what you doin’?
Something Borrowed
An Unexpected Dean
The Ghostfacers

Collection of guesses

We’ve gotten such fun story name guesses, I’ve made a masterpost with all of them! Correct guesses are in bold.


  • Dean, Only Not
  • Dean of Neverland
  • Dean of Nowhere


  • Walk Small
  • Where’s Sam?
  • Wayward Sons
  • Wacky Shenanigans 
  • Watch Springs
  • Well, Shit 
  • Whatsup, Sammers? 
  • Watch Stopped
  • Watch Students
  • Walt Scolds
  • Walt’s Sermon 
  • Winchester Sass 
  • Winchester Spirit
  • Winchester Struggles
  • Winchester Strife
  • Watch Supernatural
  • Wonderful Show


  • It’s a Tiny William After All
  • It’s a Twisted Witch After All
  • It’s a Tiny World After All
  • It’s a Tall World After All
  • In a Tangle With an Angel


  • Time To Take Bets
  • Three Times the Bother
  • The Trust that Binds
  • The Truth that Bonds
  • The Truth that Blinds
  • The Truth that Binds
  • The Ties that Bind


  • Smoothing out the Wrinkles
  • Shadows on the Wall
  • Shadows of the Walls


  • Bowman of Freakin’ America
  • Brothers of Families Apart
  • Bother Other Families Also
  • Brothers, Only Far Away
  • Basically Only Family Allowed
  • Bowman Outside Forest Annoyed
  • Bobby of First Ave
  • Bobby of Fifth Ave
  • Bobby of from Afar
  • Bobby or Fallen Angels
  • Bobby on Full Alert
  • Bobby on Full Attack
  • Bobby of Far Abroad
  • Bobby of Far Away


  • A World of Sadness
  • Adopting Wee Oscar & Sammy
  • Adorable Wee One: Sam
  • A World of Surprises
  • A World of Salad
  • A World of Smols
  • A World of Smiles
  • A Weight of Sadness
  • A World of Secrets
  • A World of Silence
  • A World of Separation
  • A World of Sam
  • A World of Safety
  • A World of Smalls
  • A World of Sass


  • An Unexpected Viri
  • An Unexpected Visit
  • An Unexpected Visitor
  • An Unexpected Vacation
  • An Unexpected Voyage


  • A Terrifically Tall Human
  • A Terrifying Tall Human
  • A Tall, Tall Human
  • Another Tiny Tries Heroics
  • A Time to Heal


  • Bobby at Home
  • Big and Huge
  • Bobby’s Asinine Hunters
  • Best at Handling
  • Bravery and Honesty
  • Bigger After Hex
  • Brothers are Hunters
  • Being a Hunter
  • Big and Hairy
  • Beautiful and Hangry
  • Brothers Apart Hassles
  • Bring Another Height
  • Be Another Height
  • Bring Another Horror
  • Bigger and Helpful
  • Big and Heavy
  • Best at Heights
  • Bring Another Hunter
  • Better Avoid Hunting
  • Better Avoid Hurting
  • Befriend a Hunt
  • Bad at Hiding
  • Beginning a Hunt
  • Bitches and Hoes
  • Blood Against Hell
  • Big Angsting Hunters
  • Bars and Hotels
  • Beer and Hangovers
  • Burgers and hunters
  • Burgers are Hot
  • Back at Home
  • Back and Hunting
  • Bitches and Hunting
  • Brothers at Hand
  • Bitching at Hell
  • Boots are Handy
  • Bigfoot’s a Hoax
  • Bring at Him
  • Best Act Human
  • Bring Another Hunter
  • Blasted Another Hex
  • Bonds are Humongous 
  • Beware a Hunter
  • Brave and Handsome
  • Boost at Height
  • Brothers at Home
  • Bowman at Home


  • A Big and Beautiful Stan
  • A Borrower at Baker Street
  • A Bunch a Borrowers, Silly
  • Agent Baker at Baker Street
  • A Brother at Baker Street
  • Avenging Borrowers at Baker Street
  • Angry Borrowers at Baker Street
  • A Borrower Attacks Baker Street
  • Are Borrowers at Baker Street?
  • Any Borrowers at Baker Street
  • A Borrower Along Baker Street
  • Angry Borrower at Baker Street
  • A Bounty at Baker Street
  • Always Busy at Baker Street
  • A Bitchface at Baker Street
  • A Brothel at Baker Street
  • A Basketcase at Baker Street
  • A Business at Baker Street
  • A Body at Baker Street
  • A Burglary at Baker Street
  • A Break-In at Baker Street
  • Absent Brother at Baker Street
  • A Bastard at Baker Street
  • A Bandit at Baker Street
  • A Buggering at Baker Street
  • A Blast at Baker Street


  • The Enemy of My Enemy


  • Road Tripping
  • Road Trip


  • Edge of the Mirror
  • Enemy of the Mind
  • Employee of the Month
  • End of the Moment



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Background information:

Brothers Apart was started by @nightmares06 October 24th, 2014 and has been going strong ever since! During the last two years two other writers have been added to the team along with a very helpful assistant!

The main storyline, Brothers Apart, has since sparked a collection of AUs. Each storyline is individual in and of itself, but all tie into the main arc in their own way. Visit Links to find your way to the stories.

Why don’t you just post Brothers Apart and not all these other stories?

Since Brothers Apart is (mostly) written by myself, there isn’t enough story built up to have a backlog. Due to a falling out with a former beta reader, writing for Brothers Apart was frozen for a year. During that time we conceived a number of other storylines, and we invite you to enjoy them along with us.

When/where do the stories post?

Sunday, 9pm EST
Wednesday, 9pm EST

Any changes to this schedule will be announced on the tumblr as soon as we know about them.

There are three different sites the stories post on:

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Any prompts received will be posted to the tumblr blog before appearing on any other sites, otherwise stories are on the three sites listed above.

Order of creation of the various AUs:

  1. Brothers Apart– “But what if I never fixed Sam?”
  2. Brothers Found– “But what about JACOB?”
  3. Brothers Adopted– “Okay but Jacob’s too cute, let’s make him small”
  4. Brothers Divided– “… bad, Dean”
  5. Brothers Together– “OSCAR”
  6. Brothers Lost– “Okay we should make BOTH brothers small”
  7. Brothers Asunder– “Wee Sammers and Bowman as brothers!”
  8. Brothers Unexpected– “Because Sam/Jacob and Dean/Oscar are too cute to contain”
  9. Brothers Consulted– “I wonder how Sherlock and Dean would react to each other…”
  10. **Various unannounced ideas**
  11. Brothers Saved– “Big Sam and his tiny big brother strutting around”

I love the artwork! Why don’t you have more of (insert character)?

We love the art too! But since we’re writers, and our skill at actual drawing is lacking, all of the artwork you see posted here (with a few incredibly rare exceptions), are either commissioned with our own money or submitted by fans (you lovely, lovely people). We love supporting our favorite artists, so we won’t stop commissioning anytime soon, but it’s dependent on if we have money at the time we get the idea.

If you want to help us out, please Buy Me a Coffee and let us know what character or AU you want commissioned! Once we have enough money for that AU, we’ll get it done.

When does (insert story) start posting?

We’re not sure when each story goes up, we only have a timeline for the days stuff will post. To prevent any stories from gaining favoritism over others, we started running a poll. During the last week or two of a story, there will be a poll with (2) to (6) options offered, and the winner will be the story that starts next!

Keep in mind that the stories that appear in the poll will be fully written/edited and beta’d by our wonderful beta readers, any stories that are incomplete in any fashion will not be included.

The poll is run through SurveyMonkey, and each person gets only (1) vote! Duplicate votes WILL BE REMOVED.

Can you go back to posting stories about only Sam and Dean?


Seriously, we’re going to keep writing together because we do it for fun. You’ll see classic Brothers Apart stories come around when I finish them, but you’ll also get a lot of the collabs we do. We write for ourselves and to get rid of stress. Since we’re not paid to do this (in fact, we spend a decent amount of money on story things), we’ll continue to write what we like.

We still love feedback and getting new ideas from all you readers out there, so keep sending us prompts and suggestions! Just don’t be upset if we don’t do yours– we might not be feeling it.

There’s a book? Where can I get a copy!?

There used to be a book, but it has been discontinued and no longer offered as an option in the contest. Thanks for your interest!

Will Castiel be in the story?

Go read all the stories.

Why didn’t my ask get answered yet?

Generally only one ask is answered a day, please be patient with us.

Popular Tags:

#commissioned art– all the artwork commissioned by the writers of the BA for the stories/ideas we have.

#fanart– artwork done by the fans.

#contest entry 2016– entries submitted for the 2016 BA contest

#bac 2017 tumblr– entries submitted for the 2017 BA contest on the tumblr side (for DA entries, go here).

#daily update– all the story excerpts posted since the beginning.

#prompt– finished prompts (or unfinished prompts, multiple things get filed here).

#submission– wonderful submissions from you readers!

Commissions are open!

What characters belong to who?


Supernatural characters– Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, John Winchester (though I’ll warn that any prompts for John Win are the least likely to be fulfilled because he usually gives me writer’s block), Castiel, Gabriel, Rufus and Rumsfeld. Various other Supernatural characters.

Original characters– Nixie, Ilyana, Celeste (problematic fave), Walt Watch, Mallory Watch, Briella Watch, Moira Wainscot, Krissy Vent, Sean, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Mikael Foyer, Noonia and Elenia.


Original Characters– Bowman, Jacob Andris, Oscar, Rischa, Cerul, Scar, Vel, (any of the wood sprites, basically), Colfax and Adrian (better prompted at @alittleblogoftrust ), Asp the shadow sprite, Indigo Seraf.

Only original characters, as canon characters tend to come very slowly for me.


Sherlock Characters– Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hooper and Mycroft Holmes.

Doctor Who Characters– Mostly Tenth Doctor, will do Nine, Eleven, and Twelve (I’m working through Classic Who at a snail’s pace xD) Willing to write for companions from New Who as well.

Original Chracters– Zepheera is my main OC, Stan Baker, Simon Baker, Nathan Sullivan and a bunch of borrower bbys: Kernel, Orrick Shelf, Boston Mantel, Baycliff, Klerida, Marcue Overmantle; basically, if you’ve read my stories, any of the OCs are up for grabs.

Story excerpts

Each day on brothersapart.tumblr.com, we will be posting a new excerpt from a story we are working on at the time. This happens at 10a.m. est, and it’s a tiny blurb from the story.

A bit on the tags for our story excerpts:


#trnt here is the abbreviation of the story the excerpt came from– later revealed to be “The Road Not Taken”

Abbreviations we’ve used and their names if announced:

The last kind of tag you’ll see is the queue tag:


All this means is it is a reblogged excerpt from 2016, you can go to the original post to find out its tags.

This has been a dissertation on tags!

If you see any questions we left out, be sure to send in an ask!

Answered Prompts


The blog is getting bigger all the time! I decided to create a master list of all the prompts that I have answered since the blog began. If you want to see more things added to this list, you can head on over to my inbox and drop me a prompt!

Human Music x ) – Bowman Leafwing reacts to human music

A Chance Encounter ( 1 / 2 ) – 

“Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not dangerous, I’m just big.” with Jacob Andris

Jacob Got Taller ( x ) – 

“How tall would you say you are now?” with Bowman Leafwing and Jacob Andris

An Appreciation for the Sun ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ) – Fanfiction/collab prompt with Rischa Songbird and Castiel, angel of the lord (Supernatural fanfiction with @nightmares06 )

Untitled Snippet ( x ) – A prompt I got from a book

Oscar Meets Jacob ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ) – Jacob Andris finds an unexpected little friend in his motel room while on a road trip.

Watching the World Go By ( x ) – Jacob Andris one-word prompt, “Rain”

Doing Good, Kiddo? ( x ) – Jacob Andris one-word prompt, “Fragile”

A Cause for Celebration ( x ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Halloween”

Stargazing ( x ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Stars”

At Night ( x ) – Colfax Hammond one-word prompt, “Fragile”

Glow ( x ) – Bowman Leafwing one-word prompt, “Moon”

A Friendly Neighborhood ( x ) – Jacob Andris one-word prompt, “Ice Cream”

Keeping Warm ( x ) – Bowman Leafwing one-word prompt, “Snow”

Just a Little Lost ( x ) – Colfax Hammond one-word prompt, “Lost”

No Harm in Wishing ( x ) – Adrian Kennet one-word prompt, “Wish”

R & R ( x ) – Bowman Leafwing and Jacob Andris one-word prompt, “Sleeping”

Singing to Herself ( x ) – Rischa Songbird one-word prompt, “Rainbow”

Umbrella ( x ) – Bowman Leafwing and Jacob Andris one-word prompt, “Hands”

Lighting the Way ( x ) – Bowman Leafwing one-word prompt, “Lantern”

Wakeup Call ( x ) – Jacob Andris one-word prompt, “Startle”

Better than Expected ( x ) – Colfax Hammond one-word prompt, “Possession”

It Just Takes One ( x ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Please”

Almost ( x ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Almost”

It Followed Him Home ( x ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Cling”

Breakfast of Champions ( x ) – Oscar and Dean Winchester one-word prompt, “Cling”

Don’t Trust a Leafwing ( x ) – Bowman Leafwing and Jacob Andris prompt “Mischief Managed”

A New Doll ( x ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Possession”

A Song of Awakening ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ) – Elias Dawn and Eral the Arbor Pixie one-word prompt, “Stars”

Floorboards ( 1 / 2 ) – Oscar one-word prompt, “Cradle”

Brothers Consulted

Series cowritten by the lovely @borrowedtimeandspace

The Study of the Four

Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business

Over a decade ago, a serious of unfortunate events led to the Winchesters, at only a few inches in height, being forcibly relocated to London. Now, they’ve adjusted to their size and found a new home to live in that just happens to be the same residence of a certain detective and his blogger…

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Brothers Adopted

A Friendly Neighborhood || Ice Cream

By @neonthewrite and @nightmares06

Jacob Andris is traveling with his mother on a roadtrip, and is in the room on his own when there’s a knock at the door…

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Family Ties

By @neonthewrite and @nightmares06

A month has passed since Sam was cursed, and there’s no cure in sight. He and Dean are left on their own during one of John’s hunts to go to school and do their best to get by. After all this time, Sam’s no more used to being small than he was before, and when Dean catches an unexpected visitor he gets the chance to learn all about his new size.

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart


Artwork by @mogadeer

Brothers Found

Chasing Family

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

In. Out.

Four inch tall Sam Winchester’s family needs food and all he can find is a cracker dropped on the floor in a room with a human.

How hard can it be to grab it before he’s seen and vanish back into the walls?

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

After the Hunt

Sam wakes up out in the open in a motel room and doesn’t know at first where he is.

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Artwork by @mogadeer

Masterpost of Brothers Lost

Series cowritten by the lovely @neonthewrite

The Road Not Taken

Saving people. Hunting things.

It was what they were supposed to do. Who they were supposed to be. Instead, that life was stolen from them by a witch and a curse in childhood, stripped away and replaced by one goal:


Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Short stories inspired by Brothers Lost:

A Ghost from the Past (11 x 17)

A familiar face comes to visit Sam when he’s lying on Death’s door, only he’s looking a little… shorter than normal.

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare