2019 Contest entries

Note: This will be updated as more entries are submitted, please check back.

If anyone is making an entry and needs more time, please let me know! I will happily extend the deadline if needed.

Brothers Apart by fujonosamy

Contest entry by jayadawnyvonne

Research by jayadawnyvonne
Noonia verses Dragon!Dean by wolfie180g

Theo thy mighty steed! (Featuring Theo from Jacob in Wonderland) by random-dragon-jtk

My Brother…? by catstache87

Zaylee by Zaylees (more pictures in link)

Memories by Iamme

You’re With Me Now, and You’re Safe by torchmlp

Ice Cream and Silver Bullets

Written by @neonwrite

Bobby knows something’s up when Oscar doesn’t show up for a meal, and it’s time to call up Sam and Dean Winchester to find out what happened to their small friend and why he’s missing!


Nightmare Promises

Written by PrincessxHeartless

A fun look at Dean, being a great big brother!



Written by CatSparr

Dean and Sam are on a hunt again, this time cleaning up after someone else supposedly finished off a nest of vampires. A mysterious entity requires entertainment. Coincidentally, they meet.

Archive of Our Own

It Don’t End in Blood

Written by ThePoisonLily

When Sam Winchester was ten years old, he had a run-in with a witch that turned changed his life forever. Now, trapped at mere inches in height, Sam has been kidnapped by a hunter who inadvertently brought him in contact with the only people who might be able to save him. How will the Harvelle hunters handle this turn of events?

Archive of Our Own

Where’s the Pie?

Written by indigomasquerade97

My entry into the 2019 Brothers Apart contest. Just a little one shot with two of my favorite OCs.


8 thoughts on “2019 Contest entries

  1. Luminous Arc

    I left an Etc message here yesterday. Just to inform you that I’m delayed on my submission, but I’m still working on it!


    1. I was actually just trying to figure out how to answer that, lol! I’m still adjusting to wordpress and how it runs, so I’ll answer here– If you end up needing more time, I don’t mind extending the contest one bit! I know there’s a lot that can get in the way of working on contest entries, and I hate to pressure people. Feel free to let me know if you need an extra week, two weeks, ect, and I’ll make sure to take care of it! I want to make sure your work gets in with the other entries 🙂


      1. Luminous Arc

        Thank you. I’ll be able to tell you more accurately by the weekend; work and health both have been taking up a lot of time recently so I haven’t worked on it as much as I wanted. I only have the Prologue written thus far and I’m guesstimating it’ll be around four to five chapters long.

        I apologize for the inconvenience!


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