Supernatural Series ending

I’m sure most of our followers have seen the news, especially if they follow my main page, and it’s a sad day for those of us who watch the Supernatural show!

The series will be ending next year with season 15!

We just wanted to make sure that everyone knows, we aren’t going anywhere! The BA​ stories and pages will continue on, and we will write stories for this so long as we have ideas to fall back on!

We’d like to thank everyone for coming with us on this journey, and I hope to see as many people as possible continue to follow even after the show that inspired our stories ends! Thank you all!

On that note, with all this change coming soon, we’d like to get some input!

What’s everyone looking to see in the future of the Brothers Apart series and its accompanying AUs? 

Please let us know in this totally anonymous survey, we’d love to get some feedback from our wonderful followers! You guys have helped make this all possible!

And remember, we’re not going anywhere! We’ll continue on long after the series is a memory, and thank you all for being here with us!

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