8 facts about Moira Wainscot


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  1. Moira is the adopted sister of Sam and Dean Winchester in the collab I’m doing with @borrowedtimeandspace, Brothers Consulted.
  2. At eighteen years of age, she’s the youngest sibling in the family, so Sam and Dean always look out for her.
  3. She’s 100% British, but her exposure to Sam and Dean for the majority of her life means that her accent occasionally picks up an American lilt.
  4. With two older brothers around to help her get into trouble, she’s more of a tomboy than anything, always ready to go exploring.
  5. After running into a kitten that set off Dean’s allergies (Stricken Sneezes), Moira grew fond of the cat as it aged. She goes back to visit from time to time to give him a treat or two that she found, and gives him scritches. She named him Wheezer for what he managed to do to Dean that first day.
  6. She wears a pin by her side for protection. She won’t fight and kill a rat like Sam or Dean will, but jabbing at its eyes is often enough to deter an attack. 
  7. Dean gave her fighting lessons, just like Sam, from an early age to ensure she was able to handle herself.
  8. Her family often insists she wears boots, but she’s a fan of slippers because it makes it easy to walk silently, and her dark hair lets her blend into the shadows.

Art by @ghostquack!

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