Appearing in Taken, Kara was a small girl standing two inches tall that lost her father, Christian, to a pair of abductors.

Even as Dean discovers Kara hiding in his room Sam finds her father when he wakes up in captivity. Christian is able to help set Sam’s broken arm to keep it from healing wrong.

They are two of the last three people their size that are living in their motel, with the last being wise old Mikael, who treats Kara as he would his own granddaughter. She’s so desperate to find her father again that she’s willing to be in the room of a giant, searching for clues after watching Sam get abducted. Her luck holds when she’s caught, with Dean treating her like a very small sister. They band together to find their missing family.

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Image by the wonderful Heartstores

Walt and Mallory Watch

Walt and Mallory are the two people that saved Sam from the witch when he was ten years old. No one knows what his fate would have been if they hadn’t been in the room during the attack.

They lost their daughter, Briella Watch, a year previous to Sam’s rescue, and in many ways her loss was what prompted his rescue. Neither of them would stand to see any more children suffer, so when Walt happened upon the witch talking in a scrying pool and getting instructions to take both brothers, they took it upon themselves to find the boys and warn them. This warning came to late to save Sam from his curse.

Years later, when Dean discovers Sam hiding in his motel room and only standing four inches tall, their home is attacked. Mallory was killed off by the demon that took away Sam and Dean’s mother Mary. Walt was lucky enough to get knocked out of the danger zone, coming to in Krissy’s home days later to discover his wife was dead and his son had abandoned him.

After a hard year, Walt’s loss is offset by the return of his daughter, Bree. Sam and Dean saved her from her captors and brought her back home. For the first time in his life, he’s discovering that humans might not all be as terrible as he thought.


  • With Walt standing at a height of 3.8 inches, this would make him Dean’s equal in height at 6′1 if they were to stand at the same height.
  • Mallory, on the other hand, is incredibly petite. At only 3 inches tall, she would come out to 4′10. She always used to say she likes her boys tall!
  • Walt is a tanner and Mallory is an expert seamstress. These skills are incredibly useful when nothing is catered to your size.
  • Before Sam and his knife, Walt would face off against rats in the motel with nothing more than his old razor. Dean would be impressed with his stubborn determination.
  • All of Sam’s clothes were fashioned by his parents, and his boots were handcrafted by Walt. They might look a little rough around the edges compared to Dean’s but they work just as well.

Picture commissioned from QuackGhost