Size Difference in Relationships

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hi I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since I read your stories while you were still in the midst of posting Taken though it’s been more on the stories side and it’s only recently I’ve started reading through everything here so I don’t know if you’ve answered this before, but would you ever write a story where a borrower and a human are in a relationship? could be platonic romance or whatever you feel like but I’m just wondering

It’s so good to hear from you! Good luck going through our tumblr– it’s gotten a bit messy, but there’s a looooooot of stuff here for future stories/snippets/sneak peeks, along with tons of musing and prompts/asks. And all the wonderful arts :3 Not to mention the asks we get in, which are tons of fun answering.

As for relationships. Admittedly, all three writers for the BA multiverse are ace, so we don’t often delve too far in. That said, there are a few relationships that will be shown prominently in the story, and at least one or two will happen with the two people at different sizes!

Stan and Nate are one of our major couples, and being soulmates, they always tend to find their way to each other in the end. Yet with a few storylines we have plotted out, they don’t start or end up at the same size all the time!

Nate’s not going to let a little thing like size keep him from stealing a kiss!

Artwork by @ghostquack​

As for same-size relationships, Dean’s had a fling in Brothers Lost with a borrower he encountered on a hunt, and in the last season of Brothers Apart, Sam will also be finding himself some love!

There’s plenty to look forward to 😉

November 3rd excerpt:

“Hey, Dean, why don’t you show Nate your place?” Stan suggested, lowering the hand holding Dean next to the little box set up for him. He hoped that giving him something to do would be better than leaving him on the same counter while he rummaged through the cabinets for a minute or two.

Dean’s eyebrows rose, and he looked between the two humans. “Uh, right!” he said, raising his voice to be heard over the crackle of the onions cooking.

November 1st excerpt:

“Why don’t you two hang out for a bit?” Nate suggested to the both of them, gently moving his hand away from his chest. He was careful to shift slowly so Dean wasn’t leaning on or clinging to his shirt; it wouldn’t do to have the little fella fall off his hand. “I’ve got dinner to start, shouldn’t take too long but I’ll need both hands.”

Despite blinking confusedly at Nathan, Stan’s hands rose to meet his as Nate held Dean out to him, and they stayed there awaiting the borrower.

September 29th excerpt:

Before Dean lost his resolve, he stuck his hand out like he’d been shown as a kid to offer the dog his scent, his fingers stretched out as far as they could go in an attempt to make his hand as big as possible. He didn’t know if it was going to make a difference considering his entire body was smaller than a normal person’s hand, but maybe she’d understand and recognize the gesture and consider him like any other human, instead of a treat or toy.

“H-hey girl,” Dean stuttered out. “We’re all friends here, right?”

Artwork by @wolfie180g!

September 28th excerpt:

For a moment while Dean talked, Nate nearly froze halfway through his descent down the stairs. This was the most Dean had spoken around him, only a few sentences but enough for Nathan to notice something important.

Dean was American.

September 27th excerpt:

To prepare himself for the trip down the stairs, Dean again found his hands going to Nate’s shirt and holding on tight, almost tempted to hide his face to avoid seeing the heights this time.

Before heading back down, Nate nodded at Stan. “Why don’t you go get Juno. They should at least meet each other,” he suggested.

August 23rd excerpt:

Nate’s brow lifted a little to see the borrower emerge. He wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting, but almost everything about Dean caught him off-guard.

Dean was young, no older than Stan or Nate themselves, but not far behind them. He had a sharp look about him, from his spiked haircut to his boots. Even sported a leather jacket to complete the rugged ensemble.