I ended up having it easier than @neonthewrite in my calculations, which is good since at first I just went “Four inches sounds perfect!”

Sam is 6′4″ tall, making him 76 inches tall. 76/4=19.

So our scale is 1:19.

Dean is 6′1″ tall, so taking his 73 inches into account and dividing by 19 makes him only 3.84 inches tall, and our shortest character in the BL crew to his chagrin.

In the opposite direction, Jacob is 6′5″ tall, so 77 inches multiplied 19 times over makes him 1463 inches tall as a giant, or about 122 feet tall! It’ll take a lot of food to keep him fed!

I went to school for physics and sometimes that bachelor degree in science comes in useful. Not as often as I’d like, but I do enjoy a little math fun from time to time.

For @neonthewrite, her Bowman stands 6′2″ tall if he was human-sized, which gives her an awkward scale of 1:18.5, so the numbers aren’t as pretty to work with but you can still figure it out. Sam might look the same height as Bowman while they’re standing together, but he’s technically taller.

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing the giant Jacob story in the poll for some time.

For personal reasons, I will never start posting a story that’s unfinished. We are currently in the process of writing the story, and then it will need to be edited and beta’d by one of our wonderful beta readers. Your patience will be rewarded, and while my OCD and attempt at perfectionism may seem annoying when I won’t post stories instantly, you will get a fuller and richer story when it’s completed to our liking.

Oscar Meets Jacob (3/5)


Reading time: ~5-10 minutes


Jacob’s eyes widened. He let go of the tiny arm and his thumb released the little guy’s legs in pure surprise. The fear on that little face became more obvious just before it disappeared behind the miniature hands. The tiny person drew his knees up to his chest and curled into a protective ball, shoulders bouncing in time with his frantic sobs.

Suddenly, Jacob felt like such an ass.

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Nope, this Jacob is completely free of any knowledge of sprites. Which is a little unfortunate regarding his initial reactions to everything, considering a Jacob who already knew how to deal with such little people might be able to handle things better. As it is, you can count on Jacob being quite flustered with the whole thing!

Bowman, if he saw a giant that big, one that towered over even the trees, might just work himself into a little bitty heart attack. Jacob’s boots are bigger than the village, how dare he! He must not wander close to the village, at all.

Of course, Jacob wouldn’t be able to see or hear him and a sigh would blow the little sprite away … Dean better keep him safe in a pocket.


Artwork by @lamthetwickster 

We’re glad you’re loving it! 

Can’t say for sure when it’s coming, though. It’s in the process of being written, and it’ll be a decently long fic from what we can tell so far. Lots of fun, for sure. Once it’s done, we’ll work it into our editing schedule and then watch out! It could appear in the poll at any time :3

How dare indeed, Jake! If BL Dean or Bowman could see him now, just imagine the scolding he’d be getting…

If he could hear them, that is…

Took the liberty of going to that size comparison site to toss in some approximations.


I had to zoom my browser out to 25% to see the curve of the giant’s head. Definitely too tol. @.@