I’ll Be Back Soon (1/2)

The earlier post about Oscar’s family, as many have come to realize, was misleading. While all of it is true, it doesn’t indicate the fact that around a year before Oscar met Sam and Dean in their motel room, his mother disappeared. She taught him everything he knows, but of course the lessons were incomplete because he was only seven at the time. Oscar is a lot tougher than he thinks he is, but he will always be a mama’s boy and he will always miss her.

She tucked him into bed before she left. I’ll be back soon, she whispered to him. It was always best to go looking for supplies late at night, while the humans were sleeping. She kissed his forehead and her hair fell over his face, making him scrunch up his nose from the tickle.

And then, with her bag and her safety pin hook, she was gone.

Oscar thought he might surprise her. He crept out of his bed and into the small main room of their house. He would wait up for his mama to get home, so he could help her put away what she found and give her another big hug before going to sleep.

He clambered up onto one of the wooden spools at their table, seating himself comfortably on it. His legs kicked back and forth a little, since they didn’t reach the floor, and he propped his arms on the table to wait.

Oscar ended up falling asleep with his arms at the table, slumped over in exhaustion.

When he woke, he jolted a little to find himself still sitting up. Brown eyes blinked with confusion as he peered around. There was light peeking in from the one crack up in the wall, telling him that it was morning already.

Did mama go straight to bed and not see me? he wondered. Oscar hopped down from his spool and padded softly over to the curtained doorway to his mom’s room. Her bed was a little bigger than his, and the blankets were messy. But she wasn’t in it.

“Mom?” Oscar called curiously, looking around their small home. Of course, no answer came. Oscar shuffled around just in case, looking behind every curtain and under every blanket in both beds. He checked the pantry, but it was just as sparse as it had been before she left. There was only a few days’ worth of food left.

Confused, Oscar sat down on the ring box that they used as a chair. He picked up a scrap of cloth his mother had been using to teach him how to dethread human fabric so it could be used for them. He’d just have to do his chores while he waited for his mother to come home. This wasn’t the first time she’d taken a little extra time finding food for them.


Five days and five meals later, the pantry was empty.

On the seventh night, Oscar cried himself to sleep, exhausted by the hunger that burned him up on the inside.

On her eighth night away, Oscar picked up his blankets and moved them to the top of the pile on her bed, and then crawled underneath the whole lot. He could still smell her on the nest of foam and fabric that was her bed. He didn’t cry as much before drifting off to sleep.

On the ninth day, he got to eat, because the friendly mouse visited and brought him some stale bread. She had always been so nice. She let Oscar put his arms around her neck and bury his face in her fur, grateful for the present she brought him.

But his mom still didn’t come home.

In case you were wondering what Oscar looks like as a child, wonder no more. This photo is what the little guy would look like if he were properly fed. Let’s hope the Weechesters can get him looking more like this while they’re visiting the Knight’s Inn in Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines. Oscar must have more to eat! Get this kid some pie!

(Pictured is actor Logan Lerman from his role in The Butterfly Effect)

Sadly, Oscar doesn’t know much about his dad. The man was gone when he was just a very young (and extra small!) child. Asking his mom where he went didn’t get any straight answers, so he stopped asking. As for his mom, she ended up taking care of Oscar on her own after that, since the other borrowers in the motel are all on the other side of the building. Like Mallory of Brothers Apart, she learned to make thinner threads by fraying human-made fabric to make more comfortable clothes for her and Oscar. She also taught him how to climb a rope, and a few of the other skills someone their size needs to know in order to survive in such a tall world!

You’ll be able to find out more about Oscar’s family and home in the motel in future chapters of Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines.

In case you were wondering what little Oscar looks like, wonder no more! The amazing Heartstores has drawn him. This is how Oscar looks as an adult. As you might be able to tell, he’s still not a very tall borrower at all! Living in the motel means sparse findings sometimes, and his lack of a consistently good diet has left him malnourished and stunted his growth. Hopefully Sam and Dean can help kid!Oz out with that in Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines!

Oscar © @neonthewrite

He is indeed. Give a warm welcome to Oscar, the bittiest OC from Pizza and Hexbags. He gets to graduate from noncanon BA to canon BT. @neonthewrite was kind enough to want to write with me when I came up with an inkling of an idea with bitty kiddos, and so the story was born.

Both Prompts and Asks for Oscar are open, so if anyone wants to ask about the bittiest cutie, feel free to send one in! His new adventures with the Winchesters continue on Wednesday!

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Pizza and Hexbags is definitely one of my favorite shorts, but I can’t lay claim to the wonderful storyline or bitty Oscar. (Oz is just the cutest) They belong to my good friend @neonthewrite

If you want to see more of him (or any of her other wonderful OCs like Bowman, Jacob, Colfax to name a few…), I’d recommend sending her a prompt, because right now she has them open! She is also running a poll on her deviantart page to see what people want her to write next, so if you are interested in another story featuring bitty Oz, make sure to vote for the ittiest cutie! I know I did :3