Sadly, Oscar doesn’t know much about his dad. The man was gone when he was just a very young (and extra small!) child. Asking his mom where he went didn’t get any straight answers, so he stopped asking. As for his mom, she ended up taking care of Oscar on her own after that, since the other borrowers in the motel are all on the other side of the building. Like Mallory of Brothers Apart, she learned to make thinner threads by fraying human-made fabric to make more comfortable clothes for her and Oscar. She also taught him how to climb a rope, and a few of the other skills someone their size needs to know in order to survive in such a tall world!

You’ll be able to find out more about Oscar’s family and home in the motel in future chapters of Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines.

He is indeed. Give a warm welcome to Oscar, the bittiest OC from Pizza and Hexbags. He gets to graduate from noncanon BA to canon BT. @neonthewrite was kind enough to want to write with me when I came up with an inkling of an idea with bitty kiddos, and so the story was born.

Both Prompts and Asks for Oscar are open, so if anyone wants to ask about the bittiest cutie, feel free to send one in! His new adventures with the Winchesters continue on Wednesday!