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Is this from “For Science”?!

You see right through us!

It is indeed from the ill-fated beginning of the third season of Brothers Apart, For Science!

Bowman rubbed at his eyes and leaned forward, clinging to the bars of his own cage. He frowned out, squinting. It had to be a trick of perspective. It had to be. Bowman’s heart did flips even as he told himself that, because what he was seeing was wrong.

The shaky pool of light emanating from the flashlight Dean held didn’t lie. Bowman just couldn’t understand how this had happened.

“Dean … Dean, why in the Spirit’s Dance does it look like you’re sprite-sized right now?!”

TorchMLP: (Brothers Divided) Does it never come up that Dean took Jacob away from his family?
Phoenix: Doubt Jacob wants to reveal that others exist.
Neon: Jacob isn’t telling Dean about his family ^^; Doesn’t want them taken too
nightmares06: The problem is Jacob admitting there’s even anyone else, because what if Dean wants them too
nightmares06: XD so Dean thinks he’s saving the orphan smol
Neon: Jacob is just very not like Sam XD No bitching about the way he acts
Just quietly hoping nothing too terrible happens XD
nightmares06: XD Dean thinks Jake just needs time to get used to him
Phoenix: right. And so Dean thinks he’s doing pretty good. Not being scary at all.
nightmares06: XD Dean thinks he’s being awesome
nightmares06: Saved the kid

April 1st excerpt:

After a few minutes of typing diligently away and loading up various pages, Sam realized he could feel eyes on him with more focus than before. A slight flush rose to his face, and he didn’t turn around at first, continuing to work despite the fact that he knew both of the other humans were watching him.

Sam used the arrow key to scroll down on his current page, putting off the time until he turned around to give his bright red blushing a chance to die down. Once he was sure it would be safe, he turned and paused.

The difference between Dean and Jacob couldn’t be more obvious. Dean almost took up Sam’s entire line of sight resting his head on his arms a few inches away from the laptop to watch Sam work. Jacob, on the other hand, was a small figure sitting on the thick plastic of the older Dell Inspiron, a few inches away from the trackpad. He wasn’t supposed to be so small. He was supposed to be bigger even than Dean, and it was unsettling. Sam would much rather have both his humans looming overhead as they were meant to.

March 31st excerpt:

There was something about seeing his own familiar phone on a huge scale, held easily in a hand that was even bigger. Jacob always knew his phone was on the little side, but it was a weird show of perspective to have it look both dwarfed in Dean’s grip and big enough that if it closed on him, it would crush him.

“Yeah, I mean, they’ll worry I might get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep,” he answered flatly, before looking back at the screen and sighing faintly. “Just, uh. Okay, tell her ‘vacationing with Lisongs,’ that should be enough.” He rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, weirded out by the fact that he was asking someone else to do something as simple as send a text for him.

Dean’s thumb was bigger than Jacob, and as it navigated the buttons and punched out a simple message, he couldn’t help but wonder how much damage that much pressure would do if Jacob got in the way of it.

March 3rd excerpt:

Rischa led him by the hand to the window, and indeed there was Dean, sauntering among the home trees with casual steps that Jacob knew were actually watched carefully. When visiting a village of people who considered four inches pretty tall, you had to be cautious.

And Jacob was understanding why. Perspective might as well have slapped him in the face. Even off the ground, seeing Dean at this scale was intimidating at first. Jacob knew he could trust the guy with his life without question, but there was a small spark in him that said big was danger. A simple glance at Dean was enough to see the power a human could hold over sprite-sized folk.

February 14th excerpt:

Bowman had to right himself at the bottom of the jar. Once it was upright again, he’d rolled backwards and landed on one of his own wings, arms flailing to find something to brace against.

“Hey! Watch it…” his voice died from an indignant shout almost immediately once he pushed himself up. With the jar on the ground, his first view was of a pair of enormous boots crushing a few stray leaves beneath their weight. Following the human’s height upwards, his eyes widened. Dean was huge, especially seen from the ground.

January 3rd excerpt:

John rubbed his neck sheepishly and averted his gaze for a moment, feeling larger and more cumbersome than ever. Being called a giant and described as rumbling really put their actions into perspective. Something as simple as moving to the next room was enough to tip Dean off.

A Different Perspective

Dean’s pov

“What the…”

Dean’s eyes blinked open as his surroundings inched towards clarity. His whole body protested moving from his comfortable position, but his curiosity proved to be more important. His blurry view was almost clear when, out of nowhere, two hands slapped over his adjusting eyes. This efficiently kept Dean from seeing past the secure grip. 

The hunter part of Dean immediately retaliated against being help captive. In turn, he thrashed in an attempt to free himself from the figure pinning him down. 

Oh hell no Dean thought as he curled his arm back in preparation for punch. 

Before he could slam his fist into the thing holding him down, he noticed a familiar voice coming from the same figure. 

“Dean, wait!” it said.

The voice stopped the hunter in his tracks. It was the voice of his little brother… Only Sam was normally shorter than Dean. Like, a lot shorter. As a child, Sam was hit by a witches curse that shrunk him to a whopping four inches tall. He survived on his own for several years until, he was lucky enough to cross paths with his older, and much bigger, brother. The two brothers now travel together despite the very noticeable size difference. 

“Sam!? What the hell is going on?“ 

Dean stopped fighting the second he recognized his opponent’s voice. He also realized the lack of a height difference between him and his little brother. At once a smile was on his face. The joy dean felt was over whelming at that fact that dean could see his brother as he was meant to. The joy, however, was cut short when Sam didn’t uncover his older brother’s eyes.

Damn the kid is strong! 

"Sammy, lemme go. It’s just me.” Dean said softly. 

He wrapped his fingers around Sam’s wrists to gently coax the hands off. The very fact that Dean could complete this gesture shocked Dean to the core. It was just so foreign for these brothers to have that kind of contact. Dean was thrilled he could even hold Sam’s wrists without the fear of breaking them. It was about damn time Dean gave his little brother a proper hug for the first time in several years. Only his little brother wasn’t letting go.

Does he think it’s not me? Dean pondered. It was totally possible in their line of work. 

Sam proved Dean’s guess wrong when he responded, “I know Dean, I know. Just… Uh… don’t freak out." 

Before Dean could question why Sam was so hesitant Sam removed his hands. Within that second Sam was being crushed via bear hug. 

The brothers clinged to each other. A sense of delight filled the air. They had each other – everything else didn’t matter.The world vanished around them as they hugged like it would be their last. 

In fact Dean was so overjoyed he didn’t bother to look around him.

He didn’t bother to note that his surroundings now towered over him. 

He didn’t bother to realize that he shrunk down to 3.6 inches tall…

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