September 29th excerpt:

Before Dean lost his resolve, he stuck his hand out like he’d been shown as a kid to offer the dog his scent, his fingers stretched out as far as they could go in an attempt to make his hand as big as possible. He didn’t know if it was going to make a difference considering his entire body was smaller than a normal person’s hand, but maybe she’d understand and recognize the gesture and consider him like any other human, instead of a treat or toy.

“H-hey girl,” Dean stuttered out. “We’re all friends here, right?”

Artwork by @wolfie180g!

September 28th excerpt:

For a moment while Dean talked, Nate nearly froze halfway through his descent down the stairs. This was the most Dean had spoken around him, only a few sentences but enough for Nathan to notice something important.

Dean was American.

September 26th excerpt:

Not wanting to overwhelm Dean, Nate decided to skip over a few of the more intense details of the house. The hidden armory, the panic room basement, the hidden room designed to trap potential intruders. There was no need to freak Dean out any more when Stan had already done a fine enough job of that on his own.

September 24th excerpt:

“Here we go,” Nate said, partially to himself as much as to Dean. He stepped smoothly, holding Dean out in front of him. “So, this is the main hall, pretty much leads to everywhere in the house. Front door, though you probably came in through the garage ‘round back. That’s a straight shot down this hall. I’ll show you the sitting room first, though.”


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@chewbaccaaah was asking earlier on if Brothers Kept had any fluff coming, or if Dean would stay a nervous wreck, so we’ll show you a rare picture of Stan and Dean actually relaxing. So rare that we haven’t gotten to write it just yet, but you can bet this is coming up for them in the story!

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