There’s No Place Like Home

(Story 3 of the Brothers Lost series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

The newly-minted team of hunters runs into some downtime between cases. Sam and Dean Winchester, cursed to live at a fraction of their original height, agree to a new trip with Jacob; this time on the road home to reassure his mom he’s still alive and kicking.

An uninvited guest throws this family reunion into a mess, and suddenly Jacob’s left alone to piece together what happened…

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Mariana Andris, Bobby Loran

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artwork by @jennilah / @ask-tinycas

Brothers Saved Dynamic

anonymous asked:

How does the dynamic of Big Sam/Smol Dean interact with people like Bowman, Jacob, or Nixie?

Lol, these two will be a fun pair once they grow up!

Sam tends to be a bit more hands-off with smols compared to BA Dean. He’s far less likely to just grab, unless they’re a possible threat (he hasn’t dealt with any winged smols, so they’ll get nabbed).

Meanwhile, smol Dean is hyper and very likely to pounce on a stranger, he wants to know where they came from and why they’re here, and they better not be getting into his stuff!

Dean’s had a few less savory experiences with borrowers by the time he’s grown in that AU. People just keep mistaking him as Sam’s pet and trying to ‘save’ him! He’s quite happy sticking with his little brother. Who else is supposed to take care of the kid?

If Jacob’s human-sized, it all depends on how they meet. Dean is still as stab-happy as ever if he gets grabbed, but he’s also conditioned to interacting with humans more than borrowers, so he’s not going to be put off by the kid’s size. He grew up with a Sasquatch, after all.

July 3rd excerpt:

Dean took a moment to arrange the fabric and then came right back to the opening, planning on grabbing the rest. He could use it for other places to sit or maybe lay it out like a rug. The possibilities kept his mind busy.

Reaching the edge of the door, Dean gave Stan a thumb’s up of approval.

June 29th excerpt:

The granite counter was one of the highest places in the kitchen aside from the cabinets that hung above. A few belongings were scattered on the counter and table, leading Dean to suspect that Stan had never expected to bring a borrower home. This was the least likely way he’d ever expected adoption to go after years of watching people dote on their purchases out the door.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of his former box in the trash to the side and the skin around his eyes tightened. If he never saw the inside of that again, he’d be happy.

The Water’s Fine

(Story 2 of the Brothers Lost series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

Saving people, hunting things. Sam and Dean grew up on those words and now, over a decade after being cursed to live out their lives at a fraction of their height, Jacob Andris will help them live up to their destiny.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Melanie

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Artwork by @mythical-cupcake!

The Road Not Taken

(Story 1 of the Brothers Lost series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

Saving people. Hunting things.

It was what they were supposed to do. Who they were supposed to be. Instead, that life was stolen from them by a witch and a curse in childhood, stripped away and replaced by one goal:


Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bobby Singer, Rumsfeld

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Artwork by @mogadeer!